You know the problem we have?

All of us have films which have made an impression on us, likewise fictional books. Where the latter is concerned it has been Light Cavalry Action by John Harris (I can never understand why this has never been made into a film – if you have never read this book then get a copy from Amazon!): and in regard to the former, for me, it has to be Inherit the Wind, this film being a fictionalised version of the Skopes Monkey Trial.

In the first link we see someone attempting to correct a wrong, to correct a preconceived and apparently accepted notion that the right decision had been made. In the second link we see someone striving to correct a preconceived and apparently accepted notion that something that was accepted as right was not so. Fast forward a century or so (figure of speech….) and we find history repeating itself (as it tends to so do…..).

As in Light Cavalry Action I publicly accuse our politicians of being absent when most wanted, in other words, I accuse them of being in dereliction of their duty to safeguard the future of our nation through their incompetence. Suffice it to say (in the bluntest of terms) I find them unfit for the office they hold, that they are liars through ignorance and totally unfit to hold the office they do. They are, therefore, an affront to democracy – be that democracy pere se; or the ‘faux democracy’ that they impose upon us. Where Brexit is concerned our Members of Parliament are unknowing. misleading and exhibit not the slightest attempt to become informed on the subject.

Readers of Witterings from Witney may recall I challenged my Member of Parliament, David Cameron, to take me to court when I accused him of lying.  As expected this challenge was ignored. It therefore seems obvious that our politicians will not sue any of the electorate as it would open the can of worms that is our ‘faux democracy’, one for which they have no appetite. As in Inherit the Wind, what is required is a newspaper with the ‘balls’ to fund the defense of  someone who wishes to ‘take on’ the State.

This article has been forwarded to a few newspapers in the hope that they may wish to publicise its content in the hope that one Member of Parliament will ‘take offence’ and seek redress in a court of law.

I’m waiting (probably in vain).