Work Ethic

Being of what may nowadays, bearing in mind ‘PC speak’, be termed ‘one of advanced years’ it seems to me that the younger generation don’t know what ‘hard work’ entails (dons tin hat and stands by for ‘incoming’).

Going back in time, to the late 60’s when I worked as an Overseas Telegraphist (on permanent 12 hour night shifts), with a three hour break (unofficial), a friend and I (there may have been others) used to do a day job to boost our income.

Ken, who had an HGV licence, used to drive to Birmingham, or Manchester, or Liverpool, with a load from London and collect another load for delivery back in London. I used to work for an American Bank during the day running their Telex office. Both of us would then be back working as Telegraphists by 9PM.

The foregoing ‘bit of history’ is predicated by a comment from Chef Marcus Wareing in an Thsereinterview with Stephen Sakur on ‘Hardtalk’. Wareing stated: Brexit meant Britain having to potentially build its own future with “a really interesting twist…we Brits have got to get out of bed and work maybe a little bit harder (Emphasis mine).

For too long, it seems to me, society has ‘cottonwooled’ us to the point it has been inbred that we do not need to input personal effort in order to succeed in life. To those that believe the ‘State’ owes them a living I was about to write that , they, having made their bed (whether they voted Leave or Remain) should lie in it – but then thought: hang on, the lazy buggers need to get out of it………

¬†What the Referendum demonstrated (as has every General and Local election) is that the electorate knows nothing of the issues on which they cast their votes. In all elections political parties ‘skew’ the facts to suit their arguments, to the extent they lie; or to be kind: are economical with the actualit√©.

Hell of a way to run a democracy, even a ‘faux’ democracy; what?

Now, if only we had Direct Democracy………..

Again, just saying…………………..


4 thoughts on “Work Ethic

  1. Marcus often uses the following expression ” take it to the next level”

    how will Britain deal with brexit?

    will we take it to a new level of democracy, or reach a new level of stupidity in Westminster?

    1. The latter I fear. They have just demonstrated their stupidity. I find it incredible that for 40 plus years they were content to cede power and democracy but now feel it necessary to become interested in the subject of democracy.

      1. yes agreed, i think Richard North pretty much nailed it with his blog post titled
        ” Grandstanding ”

        it really is time we got rid of the lot of them, the head of state should wind parliament up, and create a Royal commission into creating a democratic governance system fit for the 21st century, including the incorporation of things such as THA

  2. So David back in the day you had two jobs, well I’m told that bang up to date Geo Osborne has got six! And it’s not just him, Nicky Morgan, like many others, working all day long at the HoC still finds time to be Aunt Sally on BBC Question Time. So cheer up some of the young ones can do it; on the other hand perhaps we need to define what a ‘job’ is?

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