Why we are being led up the garden path……

……..where Brexit is concerned.

  • We are currently governed by 650 ‘know-nothings’ where ‘matters EU’ is concerned;
  • Those 650 ‘know-nothings’ conflate ‘being in the EU’ with ‘not being in the EU’;
  • The electorate were misled by both Remain and Leave, both deliberately for their own ends;
  • The Leave side were led by two of the most incompetent people, namely Matthew Elliot and Dominic Cummings – which begs the question that if they are incompetent, just how incompetent were those that designated them a lead organisation;
  • The current prime minister (who voted remain) appoints two individuals to head the most important offices dealing with Brexit. The first individual  believes he doesn’t need to be clever or know that much to do his job of Brexit Secretary, while the other individual acts like his namesake herding chickens to their slaughter.
  • The media and politicians nullify the voices of those who disagree with what is considered by these two groups as ‘the truth’.

Our politician’s ‘plan for Brexit ‘ is incongruous with reality; do these supposed guardians of our nation’s safety and well-being not read statements by the European Commission?

When  this nation and its inhabitants have been led to ruination, as will surely happen if the current plan is followed, come the next general election the majority of the present incumbents of the House of Commons will be re-elected by a tribal voting electorate; with the latter knowing even less than those they will have elected. The possibility may then be that we have an even dumber government than the one we currently suffer. Now whose fault is that I wonder?

There is the thought, far-fetched that it may seem, that we are being deliberately led up the garden path with a view that, eventually, all political parties will inform us that that for which we voted cannot be achieved and that consequently we must have another vote to confirm political thinking/advice and thus reverse our decision (now where and when did I see that happen previously?

I despise every single MP, coupled with their ennobled counterparts. If there is a God, then please let them be cast into hell as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Why we are being led up the garden path……

  1. David, want it that slimeball, Peter Mandelson, who said the Lisbon Constitution, which was re-released as the Lisbon Treaty, a tidying up exercise? And who was Prime Minister at the time than none other than the matter slimeball, Tony, I’m a straight kinda guy, beliar.

    The polies don’t even care of we know they are contemptuous of us, they actually believe that are untouchable. Sad, deluded fools the lot of them.

  2. If there is a God, then please let them be cast into hell as soon as possible.

    Sorry, mate, but He’s probably seated up above Olympus’ clouds, laughing his head off: whilst musing over the phrase ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off’

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