Whose life is it?

When I moved this blog to a country that would allow me to become ‘more verbose’ in that  which I have wished to say/write, said decision was taken with the best of intentions.

The fact that, since then, blogging has become a ‘tad sparse’ is that I appear to be wasting my efforts and breath where engaging with our political class, the media and commentariat are concerned.

That all of them appear either to be ‘tone deaf’, or more importantly, do not wish to engage/listen to my views – and, boy have I tried, especially on  twitter – is a ‘given’, due to the silence where any response is concerned.

I have oft asked, where the media, commentariat and politicians are concerned is: in whose  pocket is who? That neither of the foregoing three classes of our society refuse to engage with those to whom they are supposed to represent/serve/inform is because they think they know which ‘side their bread is buttered’. Conversely there is the point that those three sections of our society need to realize just who it is that ‘butters their bread’; namely just who is it that elects them, reads their  opinions, buys their newspapers; or pays for access through their firewall?

Whilst those who are supposed to ‘provide’ democracy, but do not; whilst those who are supposed to provide ‘information’, but do not; and whilst those who are supposed to question either, but cannot/do no – wherefore democracy?

Earlier today we  were presented with 14 smiling faces of those who know not a damn thing about anything – in this case Brexit – and in whose hands is our future, over which we have no voice. Wherefore democracy?

At this point it is necessary to come back to the heading of this article, namely if we are to have democracy, should not it be the people who set the system of democracy under which they wish to live? More importantly, should not the options of democracy be presented to them, in a fair, unbiased, manner?

That nothing of the above happens, now do  readers understand just why I ‘bang on’ about  democracy?