Who, exactly, is to blame for the state of our nation? (A republication – with additional comment).

When, six years ago, I felt so disillusioned with the state of our nation I wrote an article on Witterings from Witney. It would appear nothing has changed; so for the benefit of those who missed the original it seems pertinent to repeat that article.

So here it is.

I find it beyond unstimulating to be back in Britain. There is such a very limited spectrum of opinion here. Surrounded by sheep too docile to bleat out of turn, it feels extreme even to suggest there is some better way of living than time-share enslavement. *

The biggest problem with this country is that the people in it don’t appreciate it. **

When asked that question which forms the heading to this post, people will reply: the government, politicians, bureaucrats, quangos, fake charities, pressure groups such as human rights, immigration; to name but a few.

To a certain extent they are right – but they are blaming the wrong section of society, as those who are truly guilty are themselves.

That’s right; you sir; and you madam.

You, who have blindly voted for politicians who have failed your country and then re-elected them time and time again.

You, who have voted for the politicians promising you your personal Utopia in which you are told you can have 50 hours wages for 35 hours work.

You, who have taken no interest in that which is happening to your country; the changing of our society through immigration for the sake of multi-culturalism.

You, who have stood idly by while those you elect have handed our right to self -government to a foreign entity over which you have no control whatsoever.

You, who have allowed your children to be educated in what is now a sub-standard system – and done nothing about it.

You, who have allowed yourselves to be conditioned to a state where you are afraid to speak your mind in case those you are addressing take offence.

You, who now believe that a salary of £40,000 per annum still gives you the right to have your life subsidised by welfare Рyet seem to forget that children, like anything else, should only be acquired if you are able to support them financially through your own endeavours.

You, who have allowed what was a great country, a beacon in the world for fairness and liberty, to become akin to a third world cesspit of corruption.

You, who are too disinterested in your own country that you will not join those of us who are prepared to inform our politicians and their sycophants that we are no longer willing to live by their commands, no longer willing to forfeit our independence and freedoms.

Yes, your sir and you madam, who are now trained to bleat in unison and who no longer appreciate the uniqueness and privilege of having been born British. It is at your door the blame can be laid.

* The Last Ditch
** The Australian High Commissioner during an interview on the BBC

In the eight years that have passed nothing has changed; nothing in the political world and nothing in the societal world.

In the two years since the referendum on EU membership nothing has changed; we still have a political class no wiser, coupled with a people who appear to take no interest not only in their own future but also in that of their nation.

By the time the UK arrives in the ‘killing ground‘ it will be to late. Slaughtering on a large scale poses significant logistical problems, but hopefully our politicians and those¬† within the ‘Westminster Bubble’, coupled with those ‘pushing human rights’ will be at the front of the queue.




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