When is cheating not cheating?

This article is directed at those who love and follow the sport of cricket; it may however interest others.

With reference to the recent events in South Africa in respect of the Australian cricket team and the latter’s behaviour regarding ball tampering: a question: ball tampering is but a means to gain an advantage over ones opponents; so is not ‘sledging’?’

Sledging’ has been prevalent and known about by players, umpires and the administrators of the game for ages now, yet with the recent events in South Africa the administrators of the game rush to punish Smith, Warner and Bancroft with what may be held to be unseemly haste.

I listened to this programme and while sledging was mentioned, not one of the pundits condemned the practice – perhaps due to the fact they had a BBC contract in their back pocket?

Spin bowlers more often than not rub their hands on the pitch, a practice so we are told to enable them to better grip the ball but who is to say they are not altering the rough side of the ball;  remember: Mike Atherton was punished for doing something similar.

The laws of cricket need a revamp methinks – what say you?