What is it with ‘Professors’?

In this context I refer to this article and the statement:

The UK has two choices, it argues: either it can sign up to membership of the single market with no say over its rules – the Norway option – or it can have a more run-of-the-mill deal that will impose significant restrictions on trade – the Canada option’.

When will those who, having a ‘title’ and ‘profession’, have us believe they fully understand the subject on which they write? When will said people exhibit an understanding of the difference twixt full membership of the European Union and membership of EFTA/EEA? When will such people recognize that the origin of about 80%/90% of ‘EU law’ originates from UN bodies such as UNECE?

Had the above, including our present government and opposition, had a similar understanding we would not be in a mess regarding Ireland – neither would the the taxpayer, no doubt, be funding trips (on expenses) to Brussels with a view to keeping us in the European Union and a Customs Union –  but perhaps I digress? Not only would this ‘professor’ be out of a job; but also so would our entire media and commentariat, along with 99.99% of our political class.

As an aside it is noted that in the draft agreement the European Union has included the bulk of Articles 112 & 113 of the EEA which would have negated any need for any border twixt the two parts of Ireland had the option of EFTA/EEA been chosen – but perhaps, yet again, I digress?

Just saying………..

One thought on “What is it with ‘Professors’?

  1. What is it with those who have title? Good question. Prior to the Brexit referendum I went to as many public debates on this subject as I could. Some were organised by universities and were the worst being comically biased in favour of Remain. Tactics included stuffing the panel with Remainers, and ‘sifting’ questions from the audience so as to suit the make-up of the panel. At one of these ‘debates’ a Professor Fender spent most of his allotted time strutting about telling us how Boris Johnson was not fit to be PM. Alas Fender did so in a manner which cast doubt upon his fitness to be a lecturer! He did nothing to advance his side of the debate, I left feeling sorry for the parents of the students who have paid good money for their children to attend his courses.

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