What is happening to my country?

As a precursor, two quotes from Thomas Sowell:

Those who say that all cultures are equal never explain why the results of those cultures are so grossly unequal.

What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture—and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.

A few news items:

  1. this;
  2. this;
  3. this;
  4. this;
  5. this;

In response:

1. @AmberRuddHR 8 hours ago: Today is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. This Government is tackling child sexual exploitation by supporting law enforcement as they pursue offenders, developing new technology to protect victims & working to ensure tech companies remove illegal content.

To which: what is the point in supporting a law enforcement agency which does not seem to enforce the law?

2. In view of the evidence, on what  basis does a Police Superintendent maintain the facts have been ‘sensationalised’?

3. Why has the ‘background’ in this article (to my knowledge) not appeared in the British media?

4. Why were two detainees apparently lied to?

 5. On the basis Robinson has no reason to lie, does it not appear the State uses ‘muscle’ to ‘coerce’ and ‘blackmail’?

6. Was Amber Rudd (Home Secretary) aware of the actions taken in Pettibone, Sellner and Robinson and when? Did she authorise such actions in advance?

7. Was Theresa May aware of what was happening; and if Amber Rudd had taken ‘executive action’, did she have permission from her boss to so do?

8. When the police, alone, appear not to uphold the law and, in effect, decide what does and does not constitute a crime then there is something wrong.

9. When the State can use ‘muscle’,  ‘coercion’ and ‘blackmail’ to achieve it ends in order to satisfy political ideology regardless of public opinion; then if we are to have democracy per se have we not entered a ‘non democracy’ State?

It seems to me that it will not be long before the indigenous population of this nation, ie those of ‘white skin’ – are treated akin to the Jews in Nazi Germany twixt 1933/1939.

At which point the question is raised: how do those politicians of ‘white skin’, who have allowed multiculturalism and ‘human rights’  to prosper, expect to be treated when they, too, are a minority?

It may appear ‘scaremongering’ but if ‘the poor’, as a class of our society, do exist then, especially where Brexit and multiculturalism are concerned, while we allow a cabal which we have elected to continue on their merry way deciding our future, we are all going to be ‘poor’.

Question:  When – and if – will the people  reclaim what is rightfully theirs, namely their country;  and dictate to those they elect how it is to be governed?

2 thoughts on “What is happening to my country?

  1. David they don’t care, they’re to busy ramping up the next cold war with Russia, talking of which our entire political,and media ” elite” look absolutely unhinged

    personally i think we should re-open the old Bedlam loony bin, because thats the only place these idiots should be, certainly not ” running ” the country

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