We have only ourselves to blame.

A few days ago this article appeared on eureferendum.com in which the author complains about  political appointees and our form of governance in general, ending with the words: “Basically, we have too much government imposed upon us, at all levels, and not enough power vested locally or with the people. We need not cry for our servants – we should save the tears for ourselves.”.

It is a tad ironic that the author, following an article I wrote about democracy and using Switzerland as an example of ‘true’ democracy, then convened a meeting in Harrogate, one which subsequently resulted, over a year later, in the publication of The Harrogate Agenda (THA); which was then followed by a further paper called FlexCit (third entry: The Leave Alliance FlexCit v09) dealing with the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union; a document which relegated domestic reform to the last stage, namely stage 6. I have written previously castigating the author of The Harrogate Agenda and FlexCit, together with the Director of The Harrogate Agenda, for ‘parking’ THA; and, in effect, thus not progressing a cure to the problems of which the said author now complains.

Back in 2016 I did try to promote direct democracy with  a website called DD4UK (unfortunately now defunct); one with which I was most disappointed  where the ‘uptake’ was concerned. One article I wrote has a comment by Tcheuchter on why a politician is called a ‘post tortoise’ (a description of our political class); and one which is well worth reading.  Whilst, as stated, I complained vociferously to the Director of THA about certain aspects of THA which I considered wrong, with hindsight I could and should have done more.

Therefore I do not absolve myself from being part of the heading to this article, but have a question. Where are all those who are proponents of direct democracy; those who dislike representative democracy (a system I prefer to call democratised dictatorship) and want change; those on social media who complain about our political class, the media, the commentariat; the think tanks – all of whom do nothing but show their ignorance on Brexit and just about every other subject? What exactly are they doing, other than complaining?

When complaining to the Dirctor of THA about the lack of progression I was informed the movement had no money to so do. So a suggestion: If money is the reason for non-progression, how about those of us who believe in direct democracy ‘crowd-fund’ said progression. Of course he who pays the piper calls the tune, so we would need first to decide what form of direct democracy was required; rather than have a form (THA) presented to us in a manner of ‘take it or leave it’.

The political class currently have an iron hand holding the life that we, the people, can lead. The list of what we can do grows smaller day by day and the list of what we cannot do likewise grows larger day by day. The longer we, the people, wait to free ourselves, the harder it will become. How much longer must we act like sheep, waiting for our political class and their acolytes to shepherd us from one place to another – more often than not against our will?

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  1. They say a week is a long time in politics, so how long have we waited for THA? It is also said that covid-19 has changed so much of the UK. If that be so it is probable that we will never get pre-covid THA. So the dial must be reset we must move to post-covid THA. So who would do that? Well obviously not the people who have been in charge so far! When Theresa May was PM the UK waited and waited for, ‘something to happen’. The wait was so long many people concluded the PM was stringing us out with a view to failure at the end being the game in hand. Is that what we have now with THA?

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