Twitter: Shadow Ban

It would appear that I have become a victim of what is being termed ‘Shadow Banning‘, whereby whilst I can see my tweets, those that follow me – and presumably anyone else – cannot.

This is a form of censorship, consequently I have ‘fired-off’ a complaint to Twitter asking why this is happening – only to be advised that whilst they thank me for my input, they are unable to reply to individual reports.

It is so nice to know that ‘Big Brother’ is alive and well………


2 thoughts on “Twitter: Shadow Ban

  1. David, these people will continue to do what they are doing until they are stopped. That’s stating the obvious I know, but it’s true nonetheless and because there are no consequences for their behaviour, why stop?
    Who should be sanctioning these organisations? Our servants. But our servants are convinced they are our masters. So, nothing will change until we change their attitude.
    The Harrogate Agenda would do that if it was promoted into the public conscience.

    1. ‘The Harrogate Agenda would do that if it was promoted into the public conscience’.

      Unfortunately, jic, it was taken out of the hands of those for whom it was intended………………….

      If only it were possible to look in any direction but’ North’ – but then it has been ‘handed on’ – in which case we have a great deal to ‘Warry’ about……..

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