Twitter account locked.

I woke this morning to find that my twitter account had been locked for violating their rules against abuse and harassment. The offending tweet read:

Perhaps Americans have a problem with understanding the use of our language, specifically where idioms are concerned. To say that Theresa May should be shot for her incompetence is, in effect, another way of stating I thought her actions were extremely unreasonable.

In view of not wishing to further sour Anglo/American relations I have deleted the ‘offending’ tweet, but note that it took them nearly 10 months to discover it. It should also be noted that I received no notification from Theresa May that she felt abused or harassed, so have to wonder why Twitter appear to have ‘got their knickers in a twist’*

* No doubt another phrase our American cousins are unaware of, but then I care not.



2 thoughts on “Twitter account locked.

  1. Should we worry David?

    yes! there’s a definite trend to close down debate basically at all levels

    I’ve been banned,blocked and had all my comments go down the old Orwell memory hole from loads of web sites not incidentally because i used any form of intemperate language, no its all gone simply because I’ve had an opinion others don’t like

    This very weekend I’ve found myself blocked and banned from 2 websites,one of which i only posted 6 comments before,bingo, i hit the jackpot, the thing is these blogs profess to be open to debate which they’re certainly not!

    The same pattern has repeated itself irrespective of the subject matter of blog, from peak oil to the labour party to our friends the Norths brexit blogs the same pattern soon emerges, ie you’re thick, or stupid, you can’t spell, you’re a troll,you’re a Putin useful idiot,etc,etc, well the list of insults if pretty long but you get the general idea, what makes me laugh is i doubt very much if any of these people would have the guts to carry on like this in a face to face situation!

    we’re now living in an age of increasingly intolerant thin skinned people who are for various reasons totally committed to their own group think bubbles, dangerous times are ahead i fear,be safe and be careful what you write David!

  2. The fact that your Tweet was ten months old suggests that someone other than the company went through your history looking for something to report you for. Be careful David the Remainers are becoming more mentally unstable every day.

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