Tsk, Tsk – or, if you prefer: Tusk, Tusk

The following is a tad ‘late in the day’ (began it and then forget it). However it is still pertinent when consider the subject matter.

This article has much with which to wonder just what Donald Duck Donald Tusk has to say, as do the remarks of Alison McGovern who is a Labour Member of Parliament.

To take the latter first, not one Member State is a ‘rule maker’ as ‘standards and rules’ are set by various United Nations bodies in order to harmonize trade between nations. In that regard membership of the European Union means that not only are Member States ‘rule takers’ by said membership of the European Union, but so are the European Union when it is remembered that 80%  of ‘rules’ which the European Union impose emanate from said United Nation bodies.

For this woman to suggest that the present government is ‘kicking the can down the road’ when that which she suggests (extending the Art 50 period) is but the same thing, is beyond belief. It is also a great pity that this woman does not recognise the words formed by the last six letters of her surname – and do just that (if we have to be ‘governed’, but then I digress).

It has also to be pointed out to this woman that what was promised in the Referendum was only that we would leave the European Union – no-one, I repeat no-one among our political class, gave one thought as to the ‘mechanics’ of so doing. As a result, the referendum campaign conducted by both sides resulted in a farce as neither side knew about that which they were campaigning; and in so doing misled the electorate.

That there was an alternative method of exiting the European Union available; one which allowed us to ‘reclaim’ the important aspects on which the referendum was fought – namely immigration, agriculture, fishing, sovereignty, ECJ, etc – was ignored and ‘silenced’ by both our political class and our media – meaning that the electorate were not presented with the full facts is not the fault of the electorate, but that of our political class and media. It has to be said that had it been we would not be in the mess with Brexit that we currently are – neither would we have to suffer such asinine statements as that from Alison McGovern and the likes of  Shanker Singham and John Redwood – to name but three.

To turn to the remarks by Donald Duck Donald Tusk, the question that needs to be asked is: if the European Union wishes to avoid ‘hassle’ with Brexit, have they (the European Union) suggested to the United Kingdom government that applying for membership of EFTA and continuing membership of the EEA, it would satisfy all that the United Government is attempting to achieve? It would definitely have negated the ‘fishing stunt’ opposite the HoC, coupled with the on-going comedic antics in that place. If not, why not?  Would such not negate all this ‘faux’ negotiation with the UK side, the latter who obviously know  not what they are attempting to achieve – based on their false premise from the outset?

As an aside, had the European Union so done, it is ‘a pound to a penny’ that the UK muppets would not have had the slightest idea what the EU was suggesting – but, no doubt, I digress – again?

When we, the people, regard the process of Brexit, are we to be forgiven for thinking that both sides are more concerned with ‘grandstanding’, than attempting to solve a ‘Gordian Knot’  of their own making? If both sides believe in ‘democracy’ – ie, governing for the greater good – why don’t they practice it?

Simple question – expect the answer from our political elite will be far from simple………


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  1. Perhaps only parallel to this post is the fact that Tusk, like Neil Kinnock, failed at domestic politics so was given a helping hand up by the EU. He now goes around convinced he is important and unaware he is part of the reason the UK is leaving the EU.

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