Towers of Babel

If we turn to Wikipedia there are various theories concerning the Tower of Babel depending on the land in which it was constructed.

It is possible to add another.

When God’s wrath was invoked and he scattered the people across the lands he directed his venom to that land which became known as the United Kingdom. Into that land he created three types of people: politicians, journalists and the common people. Within those groups he also created three different languages so that not one could understand anything the other two were saying. Job done, he thought; and then sat back to watch the ensuing confusion. Fast forward a few millenium and nowt has changed. Now either God is (a) a very patient fellow; (b) has a warped sense of humour; or (c) has lost interest in those he created and empowered with the ability to think and reason.

In the meantime the politicians built themselves two ‘Towers of Babel’ which they called the House of Commons and the House of Lords; while the journalists built themselves ‘Fleet Street’, which subsequently decamped to Canary Wharf – each speaking a different language and one alien to that of the people. In building themselves the second edifice, when the time came for politicians to retire from the first Tower, it provided the means whereby they could continue to milk the public by simply attending the second Tower even if they rarely spoke.

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He’ll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

The ‘North Wind’, emanating from Bradford, has commented on the fact that the two ‘Towers of Babel’ whilst speaking a language of the same type, contrary to God’s intention in that they speak a similar form of crap, in so doing cause the third group, the people, to become disinterested and thus resort to ‘keeping themselves warm’ whilst hiding their heads from all that is being done to them in the name of ‘democracy’.  While two factions speak different languages, while the third is disinterested, can only hasten the ‘Armageddon’ of what once was a great and proud nation.

Also the ‘North Wind’, in his article, mentions ‘tribal voting” and here I digress whilst posing a question. In Seaham, which was a mining community and in which the word ‘Thatcher’ is akin to a swear word, ‘tribal voting’ is the ‘norm’ regardless of the fact that the  majority of council tenants bought their homes, that the area is unrecognizable to that 40 years ago and now people have a much better lifestyle and standard of living. So why this ‘in-built’ adherence to the Labour Party? Ok, so there is the vote for this, that and the other which is promised to them ‘free’ and they don’t realise that if they are getting something free, someone else will have to pay for it. When talking to people, the general attitude I hear is that all political parties are currently viewed with scorn and that ‘they are all in it for their benefit, they care not a toss for us’ – yet they still vote in their droves for Labour.

Anyways, to return to the main thrust of this article. Where Brexit is concerned – and contrary to our media it should be the ‘topic du jour’, not that of a rudderless government nor the rush of wind about immigrants – as the North Wind notes we are, unfortunately, blessed with political ineptitude. Perhaps a prime example of ineptitude is exhibited by the Member of Parliament for North East Somerset, behind whom a ‘momentum’ appears to have grown; and in that regard one must question the minds of those behind it.

There may be some who consider the foregoing remarks about the Member of Parliament for North East Somerset unfair but  he has had the publicity and as a result becomes ‘fair game’ for criticism. On reflection it may be unfair as all politicians appear to have fluff for brains – not withstanding we also have a prime minister who, while not being a blonde, goes one better in that she exhibits all the characteristics of an ‘airhead’.

Thinking back to the referendum on EU membership in 2016 during which it became obvious that both sides of the discussion lied – and thus misled – the electorate, I have to return to another previously posed question: namely, are our current crop of politicians deliberately attempting to derail the will of the people? Not that the people had the slightest idea of the ramifications of their decision, it never having been explained to them with any clarity.

Today many, like me, weep for our country where Brexit is concerned.

As a country our words are disputed and, rightly, our intentions are questioned. We do not reason with those with whom we disagree, instead we bury our heads in the sand of ignorance; and in so doing have managed to isolate ourselves from reality. The fact we do not reason with those with whom we disagree is not through necessity, but from political choice because we do not accept that our negotiating stance is flawed.

Following the 2016 referendum the present government has directed its policy on what they perceive to be two villains, the Customs Union and the European Economic Area – neither of which they understand – and villains those two are not.

We avoid, courtesy of our media, to debate on a daily basis the one topic that should be debated on a daily basis : the country’s – and our – future, while the people, who politicians are supposed to have as their main concern, attempt to go about their daily lives whilst at the same time adding to the prosperity of our nation.

A question to the people of the United Kingdom: just what is happening to this country, my country, your country? When did we reach the point at which we called those with whom we must trade to survive – irrelevant? When did we, the people, give permission to our elected politicians to undermine our trading status with the EU by their adopting a radical and doctrinaire policy such as they have?

I can but hope that common sense will prevail and that the people (the men, women, children, babies, the infirm, the elderly, the sick) who have no voice in Brexit because they know not what to say, will be saved from the foolhardiness of politicians.

Just a thought………………….