The time has come, the walrus said:

….To talk of many things,
Of Shoes- and ships – and sealing wax
Of cabbages and kings……… (source)

(Do read the words of Lewis Carrol – and then equate them to Brexit).

@RichardAENorth wrote in this article:
I am gripped by the overpowering urge to close down the computer and walk away, returning only after 29 March out of a sense of curiosity, to see what actually happened.

To which I replied, on Twitter:
You and me both!

I take off my hat in deference to those like Richard North who can, day after day, turn out articles which are ignored by those who profess to have the interests of their people at heart; but cannot, as they have not the faintest idea of that with which they involve themselves.

I am totally frustrated with:

  • Those who seem unable to differentiate twixt the Single Market and a Customs Union;
  • Those who seem unable to accept there is a need for ‘common standards’ if trade is to flourish;
  • Those who plead for a ‘Free Trade Agreement’ whilst not realising that such does not exist; that any trade agreement involves ‘give and take’ and that, as such, there is a cost to both sides; hence it is not and can never be: ‘free’;
  • Those who say they are elected to represent our views yet who, when questioned, then ignore us whilst trotting out their ‘party line’;
  • Those, who when commenting on this blog, have ‘entrenched views’ whilst ignoring the facts presented to them;
  • Those of the electorate who cannot be ‘arsed’ to take an interest in what is happening to them;
  • Those in the media who are in a position to ask hard questions of our politicians which the electorate cannot, but do not as they have their careers to consider;
  • Those who wear the cloak of a think tank and thus pontificate from their high altar of crap;
  • Those who appear unable to differentiate twixt being in the European Union and being in the political construct of the European Union.

Reverting to the words of Lewis Carroll we can equate the sun to those attempting to shine a light on the murk of darkness that our ‘Westminster Bubble’ attempt to promulgate where Brexit is concerned. No wonder the moon – aka our Prime Minister – is in a huff that the cloak of darkness she has managed to cast over the subject of Brexit is having light cast upon it.

She has attempted to paint a picture of nothing but ‘blue sky’ without a cloud of dissent in sight; but seems to have ignored the fact that no birds (think aircraft) – or at least very few – will appear in the sky. We have so much ‘sand’ of unknowledge and obfuscation, that  were we to employ seven million maids. each with their own broom, they would never clear it away – which is why a few of us ‘shed tears’.

In response from the ‘May Moon’ for disciples to support and accompany her along her walk  of what could be said to be the sands of desolation,  many clamoured to so do, and what was odd really was whilst their coats were brushed, their faces washed and shoes were clean and neat , it wasn’t the fact they had no feet, but that they had no brain that was the problem.

It is also regrettable that among those she addressed, those elders who deigned not to follow her chose not to remain silent in their beds, but instead chose to oppose with words of similar obfuscation and drivel.

On the day the electorate does awakes from its slumber and thus begins to take an interest in that which is happening around them they will find they have no one to blame but themselves; by which time the damage will have been done as they will have been consumed by those with personal and political egos.

We are told that the day after we die is ‘the day of reckoning’. In a few months our nation will have its own day of reckoning; and the bloodletting will, I fear, be great thereof.


One thought on “The time has come, the walrus said:

  1. David, just a few observations:
    – In at least one of my communications with my MP, I suggested to her that she ask Mrs May to consult with Richard North. I have had no acknowledgement.
    – I think the struggle for freedom will be never ending. We will be in a worse place after March next year, and therefore the Leave campaign will continue; hopefully causing pain and grief to those MPs and members of the other house of rats, who have tried every trick in the book to thwart our departure from the EU.
    – Politicians always turn every matter into something about them. Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths, one and all.
    – I believe our Civil Service has been infiltrated by communists who are covertly working to destroy our country; the USA Project Veritas reports suggest to me that the people they uncovered aren’t just in the US civil service and political milieu, they are here in the UK, definitely in the EU and probably in all Western countries governing bodies.
    – Our swamp is deep and wide and needs to be drained but I can’t see anyone actually recognising this let alone making a plan to do the draining.
    – The Remainers probably think that once they’ve secured their deal, which punishes our country for wanting to leave the EU prison, it will be all over. I think they will be surprised how wrong they are.
    – Mrs May’s place in history isn’t going to be good for her and her gang. Maybe there will be another bonfire night in the future, on 29th. of March, where their effigies are given the Guy Fawkes treatment.

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