The ‘state’ we’re in with Brexit

Currently we have arguments raging regarding an Irish Border, transition extensions, Customs Unions with, on the 5 o’clock news this evening (BBC), Emily Thornberry  wanting Labour in one whilst negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement are negotiated.

Where Brexit is concerned our politicians are useless, knowing nowt of the subject matter except how to ‘play party politics’, to the detriment of those they are supposed to serve. An application to rejoin EFTA, together with membership of the EEA, awaits; yet no-one of/within the ‘ruling elites’ of our political parties will ‘bite the bullet’.

The 2016 Referendum in effect delivered an order to our politicians, irrespective of party, to bring that about, namely our exit from the European Union. Unfortunately, at the time of the result, none of the electorate, or our politicians, knew how to bring about leaving the European Union. None of them realised that ‘cutting the strings’, after 40+ years of ‘marriage’, would encapsulate great difficulty; and none of them realised that a ‘quicky divorce’ was not possible. Coupled with which our political class, knowing nowt about trade deals or the ‘origin of standards’ via United Nations bodies, sold ‘Leave’ on ‘taking back our ‘sovereignty’, our borders and ‘making our own laws’.

Not one person within the electorate, nor the media, considered the point that those in government nor those in opposition knew squat-diddly’ about ‘matters EU’,  likewise those that ‘managed’ both opposing ‘camps’. To those of us who have taken an interest in ‘matters EU’, the referendum campaign consisted of no more than – by both sides – false statement after false statement after false statement.

Now we come to the ‘nub’ of the problem why the electorate is ‘uninformed’ about ‘matters EU’, democracy per se’ and Brexit.

I am a great believer in ‘FlexCit‘ and the ideals contained therein. In this  document it is stated (page 378), in relation to the ideals of The Harrogate Agenda:

We see little value in withdrawing from the EU if it only means returning reclaimed powers
to the political elites who held them previously.

(As an aside it cannot be denied that The Harrogate Agenda was ‘born as a result of this article , written when I resided in Witney)

To which I would add: I see little value in entrusting Brexit to those who appear to have no understanding of the matter; and who have ‘sat on their hands’ while others have done that which they should have been doing.

The Harrogate Agenda was initially envisaged as a ‘people’s movement’ yet quite quickly evolved into a ‘Private company limited by guarantee without share capital‘. According to Companies House we find it has but one director, appointed in January 2013. If there are no shareholders, then just who ‘appointed’ this person?

Many email and telephone conversations have been had twixt The Director of The Harrogate Agenda and myself with regard to the ‘stagnation’ of same, to which the response was: ‘lack of funds’. I have to respond by asking that if and The Leave Alliance can be funded by ‘crowd-funding’; why not The Harrogate Agenda – to which no response has been received.

In view of the foregoing, tell me dear reader: if we are to apportion blame, bearing in mind The Harrogate Agenda was ‘formalised’ five years ago and three years prior to the 2016 referendum, where does the responsibility lie with regard to the mess in which we now find ourselves regarding Brexit?

Just asking……………..





2 thoughts on “The ‘state’ we’re in with Brexit

  1. The total failure of the Harrogate Agenda is indeed a loss at these times. Above we read, ‘Where Brexit is concerned our politicians are useless…’. To which we should add that so are some campaigners. Politics is a broad subject based on many things, for example you have to be practical. We must face that at the time of the first meeting in Harrogate some of the continental organisations now holding real power did not exist. It’s all well and good obsessively ‘analysing’ the ‘noise’ from others and pretending to hear music but we are five years too late. Right now the PM is unpopular and for good reasons. Across the political spectrum, Left and Right, Leave and Remain, people would like to see changes. The HA contained an idea about the nation electing the PM, just imagine how much traction that would have now?

    1. A ‘prescient’ comment, indeed, so well said! Thank you.

      As usual I could have written more, but like my brain, my fingers are tired of repetition.

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