The ‘Rights’ state we are in

I came across this tweet yesterday:


‘Unprecedented’ coalition of charities and civil society demand rethink on ‘dangerous’ voter ID trials… Our letter to the government today.

Do note the signatories and the organisations that they represent, whilst bearing in mind the preceding article,  the content of  which touches on how our political class and those in ‘civil society’ can  manipulate and thus change our society.

So what is wrong asking people to prove their identity at a polling booth? Hell, we already ask that people prove who they are in order to collect a parcel from the post office, rent a car or travel abroad. If you have a bank account, did you not have to show ID to open it? If you’re claiming state pension or benefits in cash,  do you not also have to produce some form of  ID?

That the requirements to obtain UK citizenship are a tad ‘lax’ when compared to Switzerland is an understatement (see here, here  and here). Note also that, at the end of the day, in Switzerland, it is not some monolithic central government department that decides on citizenship  but the  canton or local commune. Note also that residency requirements are ten years and also that people on welfare and anyone with a criminal offence are in theory excluded.

From the links provided above it becomes obvious that Switzerland considers the granting of citizenship a privilege for the individual , rather than the ability to meet certain criteria and complete some paperwork correctly.

Following the last election there were multiple claims of having voted twice, yet to my knowledge only one conviction resulted. If someone admits to breaking the law, is that not reason enough to charge them and bring them to court?

Two further points:

  • Having ‘managed’ a number of properties in Hartlepool, since my move north, not one of those tenants had one working brain cell between them where politics/life was concerned. Their only consideration was what benefits could they get; and having got them, never paid their bills as they  spent what they got on drugs and drink – and they have a vote?
  • I hold Power of Attorney for a very dear lady of  103 years-of-age who has expressed a wish that she no longer wishes to vote as she does not understand politics per se. In talking to the Returning Officer of her constituency I find I can cancel her postal vote but not have her removed from the electoral roll under the present  law. Neither can someone suffering from, say, Alzheimeis’s disease, on the basis they may have moments of lucidity.

It seems to me that our world is indeed mad to the point of stupidity whilst we pay homage to ‘rights’. It is indeed curious that those most intent on promoting the ‘rights’ of society, are from the ‘left’ of society – but I digress.

Perhaps instead of having a debate about ‘rights’ and the need for voter identity, we should be discussing the need for some form of test to ensure that the electorate have the mental capacity to understand the meaning of ‘democracy’ and ‘matters du jour’.

Where the governance of this nation is concerned, perhaps the reason we are in the mess we are is that, currently, cretins have the ability to elect cretins?

Afterthought: Perhaps, if we had ‘Referism’ (google ‘breaking the chains’ –, those of us with a brain cell would be able to force ‘government’ to allocate monies to care for those who ‘cannot vote’, whilst re-educating those who do not know why and for what they are voting?




One thought on “The ‘Rights’ state we are in

  1. David, you’re correct, everything is focused on rights, either real or imagined. Nowhere are responsibilities mentioned let alone specified.
    What did President Kennedy say? Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. The lefties would laugh if anyone voiced that thought today. Then they’d demonstrate and riot.

    There should be no taxation without representation – that would be nice for a change. But also there should be no representation without taxation. And age, intelligence and residence qualifications for registered voters, as well as proof of identity at the polling station.

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