The reasons ‘why’………

When I voted in the 2016 referendum I voted to leave as I wished to ‘escape’ the ‘political construct’ of the European Union, whilst remaining a member of the Single Market and leaving our nation with just having to accede to approximately 25/27% adherence to ‘EU Regulations’.

For this reason I had hoped, futilely as it turned out, that our politicians would opt for EFTA/EEA (as @Richard~AENorth has stated: ‘whilst this is the optional route, the ‘Norway Option’, as such, has only ever been a partial answer. It is the raft of additional bilateral agreements, on top of customising the EEA Agreement, which will be needed to make for ‘frictionless’ trade’.

Like many, many others, having sat and watched our politicians (who having sat back, having abrogated their ‘day job’ since 1972, now know not even the basics of ‘matters EU) make a ‘pigs ear’ of the Article 50 negotiations, I believe that I can now speak for others.

Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA) is but no more than a Remainer’s wish to ‘cobble’ together a means to keep us tied, politically, to the EU and, in a manner of speaking, by the ‘shoe strings’. At this point, allow me to digress:

‘Cobble’ derives from the word ‘cobbler’ (or the reverse), the latter who is someone we use to repair our shoes. When I were a lad in Essex such people were know as ‘Snobs’, one derivation of which is from the Royal Navy which referred to shoe repairers as: ‘Ships Number One Boot Specialists’.  It  appear that many of us, including MPs and their Constituency Chairman, now wish to show our not-revered Prime Minister which is the toe end and which is the heel, the latter under which we now find ourselves.

Anyways, back to the thrust of this article.

Faced with the choice of the WA or ‘No Deal’ I have come to the opinion that, of the two, I now favour the latter, if only for the opportunity of watching our clueless politicians dig us out of the hole into which they have plunged our nation. This view may well ensure I receive possible ‘vitriol’ from one in the South West and the other in Yorkshire, amongst others, but so what – I am beyond caring.

When one considers that  global ‘standards’ are set by UN bodies, membership of which comprises  many nations that are not members  of the European Union; and upon the decisions of those bodies is world trade organised and regulated – and upon which ‘bodies’ the UK would be able to resume an independent seat – does not the ability to trade increase? It may take years, even decades, to recover the level of trade we have with the EU, but have we not faced ‘trade wars’ in the past – and recovered?

Whilst we are ‘enslaved’ in a system of ‘democratised dictatorship’ (aka: representative democracy),  how can the voices of those of us who feel there is a better way, be heard? Why should those of us who believe there is a ‘better way’ – not just concerning Brexit but democracy per se –  be ‘shut out’ and thus be forced to the ‘cliff edge’?

When we are governed by those that appear to know nowt about owt; who assure us that only they have the competence to resolve our Brexit dilemma; and are failing in that regard dismally, then a phrase springs to mind: as ye sow, so shall ye reap. I use that phrase because upon those who have driven us over the cliff-edge will rest the responsibility of extricating our nation out of the pit into which they drove it. At which point there will, no doubt, be much ‘wringing of hands’ and cries of help – and true to form they will still not engage with those of us who do know ‘owt about owt’.

If the people are sovereign, which we are, why cannot we decide – through referendum – that which we want, via the Swiss system (and not advisory referendum @ niallwarry !) When we in the UK have a referendum the literature put out by our government and other interested parties is biased, to say the least. Why can we not, as do the electorate in Switzerland, receive a purely factual booklet setting out the views of both sides, together with the government view? When we have a media that ‘parrots’ the views of their sycophants, then we truly are on the road to totalitarianism.

In this article Richard North belatedly writes about our current system of democracy, mentioning some of its deficits; to which one can only say: bit late to start bleating now. In rebuttal to Richard North’s article I can but repeat the arguments made here.




5 thoughts on “The reasons ‘why’………

  1. brexit was always a mad idea, doomed to fail, so unlike you i actually boycotted the whole thing

    the reality is no one had any real idea how to leave and even those that did,such as Richard North have effectively back peddled

    I’ll add my own nautical theme, which i think is now more relevant than ever
    Platos allegory; The ship of fools

  2. “Faced with the choice of the WA or ‘No Deal’ I have come to the opinion that, of the two, I now favour the latter.”

    You mean you ever favoured the other?

  3. No, WA was an abomination of an agreement. At the end of the day, due to May, the choice has always been WA or No Deal

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