The problem we have with Brexit

For some time now I have been disillusioned with not just politicians, think tanks and the ‘commentariat’, but also our inept media. All of them are so comfortable within the accepted ‘Bubble’ they inhabit, that the most important aspect for them has become their egos.

Since I began blogging in 2011, on Christmas Eve, it has taken almost 7 years to accept that I am wasting my time. I have become frustrated with the realization that I am but talking to a ‘selected few’ who think as I do. Having said that I ‘take my hat off’ to those fellow bloggers who have continued ‘the fight’ by repeating that which they have previously said, day after day, but in a different format.

Not that I have tried, even meeting my Member of Parliament, when I lived in Witney and presenting him with incontrovertible evidence that what he was stating was incorrect; only to be dismissed due to the fact, in his opinion, we would never agree.

I am ‘fed up’ with having politicians elected, not because of what they do know but, it seems, because of who they know. I am fed up with think tanks existing and subsequently being funded by those who believe the crap they put out is the truth. I am fed up with a ‘commentariat’ whose views are repeated purely because they have created a ‘persona’ and become ‘accepted’ as an authoritative voice.

More importantly I am ‘fed up’ with ‘journalists’ who have also created a ‘persona’ for themselves, who act like parrots and can’t be bothered to do the necessary research in order to ‘debunk’ the misinformation put out by politicians, think tanks and the ‘commentariat’ – after all, is that not that one of their functions?

Another area of frustration is that of my fellow electorate, who appear to have lost the powers of thought and questioning. How often do we read of such being ‘fed up with politics’? Yet they ‘sit there’ and let themselves be led to what may be their oblivion without a murmur. Just how many of the electorate who are fed up with ‘politics per se’ promptly, come a general election, go and tick the blue, red, green, yellow and purple box?

Whilst the ‘Bubble’ have been able to continue their ‘shepherding of ‘sheep’ they are also behaving as ‘judas goats‘, leading their flock to ‘armageddon’, a situation for which they will somehow ensure they are not answerable.

Now it appears that I have ‘upset one or two’ people on Twitter by writing, in response to their tweets that the content of that which they posted was crap, or words to that effect.

@BrexitBlogs wrote:
Questionable whether the UK owes any outstanding obligations to the EU… a measure of the UK’s goodwill that monies will be paid regardless. Are you aware that remaining in the EU also means paying £billions whilst losing the incalculable benefit of self-government – as a comment on:

RemainerNow #peoplesvote@RemainerNow
Did you vote leave? Were you ever aware that it would mean to the UK paying £billons to the EU to pay our outstanding obligations whilst losing the benefits. No? Annoyed? Not what you voted for? It’s one to change your mind? Why not become a #remainernow and back #PeoplesVote?

To which I responded:
This tweet is absolute crap! The reason people did not realize this is due to their own ignorance, encapsulating ‘not bothering to find out for themselves’ coupled with our politicians who misled the Leave/Remain campaigns. Blame yourselves!

Another I appear to have upset is @VeronicaM who posted:

Just proves “No-Deal” is the right deal

Juncker says no-deal is not an option

I chose her tweet (although I could have chosen others) to state in response:

There is illustrated the level of ignorance among the British electorate. GO DO THE RESEARCH.

If you present some facts, I’ll read them. I have not denied anything. As things stand you’ve called what I wrote absolute crap but presented no facts.

 Also ‘joining in’ was Alex @bublang, who wrote:
If @RichardAENorth can do the research so then so can you and everyone else!” – if you’re going to argue a point, you might be better off posting your own research then rather than quoting that someone else has then. You haven’t actually argued, just been insulting.

 If Alex thinks I am ‘insulting’ then he should widen his reading  to encapsulate, for example, one blogger who frequently use’s the ‘f’ and ‘c’ words, amongst other ‘non-terms of endearment’ – something I do not.

I am asked to present my own facts, to which I must counter by saying that the ‘facts’ already exist, so why would I waste my time repeating something that an acknowledged expert on ‘matters EU’ (ie, @RichardAENorth) has already written; and with which I totally concur.

It is not my intention to be rude/insulting, (I leave that to others, as stated above), but those who ‘know’  me are aware that I have a propensity to be a tad ‘blunt’., which often ‘ruffles feathers’. When ‘facts’ – and the reasoning behind said facts – are presented and then totally ignored, can one  not understand my frustration with those who do not do their research?

The current Multiannual Financial Framework is for the years 2014-2020, so when it is stated that “Questionable whether the UK owes any outstanding obligations to the EU”, then it is not questionable but a fact that the UK is liable for future payments. As an aside, on this subject, the comments by John Redwood in relation to golf cub membership is incomprehensible.

As a final comment, in my opinion there is too much belief in what politicians say and in what journalists write – neither of whom have the slightest idea on subject matters in which they involve themselves – yet they are ‘picked up’ by those on twitter as ‘fact’. Those interested in Brexit need to follow experts in the subject, one of whom I have mentioned above; and not the ‘uniformed’ who know ‘squat-diddley’.

It is, perhaps, pertinent to repeat the end of my preceding article:

He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool – shun him;
He who knows not, but knows that he knows not, is simple – teach him;
He who knows, but knows not that he knows, is asleep – wake him;
He who knows and knows that he knows, is a wise man – follow him.