The ‘Merry-Go-Round’ continues

Since the invoking of Article 50 by the Government of the United Kingdom, in order to leave the European Union,  the UK has proposed measures and the EU has declined them.

The latest declination has come with this speech by Michel Barnier, tweeted by @RichardAENorth:

Barnier statement ……

To which I responded:

The sooner the politicians of every party do their homework on ‘matters EU the sooner the current mess will be resolved. The sooner the ‘Westminster Village’ begin to acknowledge input from those outside their circle, the sooner this current mess will be resolved.

What our nation is currently experiencing is its future being decided by a bunch of waxwork figures (I use the word ‘waxwork’ as they sure as hell aren’t human and  thus don’t have a brain) who know nothing about the subject matter with which  they have been entrusted.

Boris Johnson is reported to have used the word ‘meltdown’ where Brexit negotiations are concerned. Well, if there is to be a meltdown everyone needs to pray that the ‘meltdown’ of our ‘waxwork’ politicians comes first. Following such we then need to then pray that the residue is taken to landfill, because we sure don’t need them to be recycled.

Where the current Brexit negotiations are concerned – if they are to continue with the current UK personnel – then I can only paraphrase a quotation from Winston Churchill:

Never, in the field of human endeavour, have so many been ‘screwed’ by so few.