The Mad Politician’s Tea Party

(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

So we have another general election – which will be determined by the question of Brexit, whatever may be said to the contrary. Did we not vote on that matter in 2016; did we not vote on that same matter in 2017 and are we not doing so once again?

Today we see a list of current Members of Parliament who have stated that they will now ‘retire’ from politics; or is that because they fear they may lose their seats and thus their livelihood? But never mind, they will be replaced by other wanna-be career politicians who also are clueless on the matter of Brexit.

So the object of this latest general election is? It is a means whereby political parties can vie to gain control and dictate to those who they declare they wish to serve. I recently posted on ‘Life‘ and can but repeat the question posed: if (Life) is non-transferable and is the sole responsibility of the recipient, would Politicians of all levels, Charities, Do-gooders and Jobsworths etc, please cease telling me how I should live it!

I can but return to the definition of ‘democracy’: Demos – people; Kratos- power; so where is ‘people power’ under representative democracy – it is non-existent! It is with great difficulty that I refrain from asking what happened to this idea (flawed as it is) of a change in our system of democracy; one which was ‘taken over’ and subsequently ‘parked’ – but I digress, possibly?

In 2016 we were then told, by I believe, some 500 MPs that they would honour the wish of the people; likewise in 2017 – and we are being asked to believe that in 2019 we will receive the same result?

For the first time in my life I intend to abstain, rather than spoil my ballot paper and I would urge all like-minded of the electorate to do likewise. Then let us see a political party try to form a government with the approval of less than 20% of the vote.

Our political system is shite, our politicians are shite, our media is shite and our commentariat is shite, in fact our nation has become shite and the people therein – so let us continue to live in shite. I wait to hear the cries of complaint at this state of affairs – to which I can but reply: by your inactivity and disinterest in that which happens around you, you now complain?