The Immigration Problem

With the the news that the   BBC is to broadcast Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech this weekend, which appears to have caused what might be described as a ‘furore’ on twitter, this set me thinking.

It cannot be denied that that which Enoch Powell feared and foretold has come to pass; and it should be remembered that when he spoke he was talking of 50,00 per year whereas the figure is currently 4/5 times that number.

Do we not have ‘ghettos’ of immigrants (think Bradford, Birmingham, Rochdale, Telford, Leicester) to name but a few?

Do we not have a societal problem where immigrants appear to be treated differently to the white indigenous population , be that in law, political correctness or equality?

Is not the birthrate among immigrants higher among such groups than among the white British population? Will not therefore, in time, the immigrant population outnumber that of the white indigenous population?

Why is it that so much taxpayers monies are being ‘wasted’ on  supporting immigrants that suffer what is termed ‘racial harassment’?

All the above has been caused by a section of a our society who have taken it upon themselves to decide how we must act, speak and think. Where was our voice (the voice of the people) when they decided all this? We may have elected them, but did that give them the right to change our society – without our agreement?

It becomes more obvious that those of us who care about our nation and its future, encapsulating its societal make-up, are labeled as ‘homophobic’ and/or ‘racist’. This brings me back to an of-asked question: whose country is this – that of the people or that of a select few (our political class) who take all they want yet deny us the same choice?

It would appear that the UK is not the only nation that has a problem with immigrants- even one that was renowned for its tolerance is ‘rebelling‘.

The foregoing leads me to yet another question: Where is the voice of those who usurped the means by which the voice of the people could be heard: namely direct democracy as encapsulated in The Harrogate Agenda? It is all very well to ‘bang-on’ about the problems of Brexit whilst said problems are left in the hands of  those who created the problem in the first place. What was it that the THA said: Simply to withdraw from the EU and hand over the powers acquired by Brussels  back to the parliament that gave them away in the first place is not a particularly proposition.

If the inactivity on the part of THA is a question of time and money then why not say so and pass the problem over to those who can provide both?

Just a few questions……….

3 thoughts on “The Immigration Problem

  1. An old friend who remembers the original broadcasting of the Powell speech says that the fuss now is a copy of what happened at the time. What we see, as with Brexit, is the wretched people dare to disagree with their masters. Also –

    ‘It is all very well to ‘bang-on’ about the problems of Brexit……………..’

    Indeed, banging on about Brexit has become a trade in its own right and goes beyond the original Leavers versus Remainers debate. It has all the value of bald men fighting over a comb! It’s all very well to be word perfect on the import and export of widgets when the social and moral side of society is ignored.

  2. I write on the site in terms very similar to yours about Powell, his speech, and the verification of his worries; but from a viewpoint of fifty years and half-a-world’s difference in the source of the problem.

    THe elite fear the phrase ‘Enoch was right’ and attempt to rubbish any attempt to rehabilitate that giant of a man.

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