The hypocrisy of politicians and ex-politicians.

Yesterday we had @johnredwood and @Office GSBrown pontificating on trade, the European Union and Brexit.

To John Redwood (go see his timeline on Twitter) I can but suggest that until he has the beginnings of an understanding of ‘matters trade’ and ‘matters EU’ he ceases to appear on twitter as he is just making a fool of himself – and he is but one culprit among many.

Where Gordon Brown is concerned – and in respect of his speech today at the Institute for Government ( – I find it unbelievable that the man who denied the people a voice on the Lisbon Treaty now feels it is only right that the people should have a voice on Brexit. Needless to say the media only report on his belief that a second referendum is required and completely ignore the hypocrisy angle.

In the case of John Redwood we have an instance of a Member of Parliament making a public statement on social media, one which, logically, is open to rebuttal by any member of the electorate and, in the course of which, courtesy demands a response. That Redwood can, due to the rules of representative democracy, refuse to respond to whoever is ‘confronting’ him and is not a constituent of his, makes a mockery of our ‘supposed’ democracy. Having made that assertion, it matters not whether one is a constituent or not, as I learned first hand when I was a constituent of David Cameron.

To turn to the matter of Gordon Brown I find his latest suggestion to be nothing but rank hypocrisy when compared to his views on the Lisbon Treaty, vis-a-v is the voice of the people.

I have tweeted this article to both Redwood and Brown, although the chances of either responding are akin to the chances of ‘striking lucky’ at Camelot – in fact, on reflection, the chances of ‘striking lucky’ at Camelot are probably far greater – but then perhaps, yet again, I digress?

Where we have a situation in which Members of Parliament – and those of the ‘Great and Good –  can ‘shoot of their mouths’ without fear of being ‘held to account’ – and in that regard a ‘supine media’ does not help – just how can we, the people, object?

Gordon Brown complains about the ‘Westminster Bubble’, yet was he not once part of that ‘Westminster Bubble’ – and ignored us, the people, where the Lisbon Treaty was concerned? The last point is one that again the media will ignore – assuming that is it is an aspect they have even considered.