The rape of a nation

‘Rape’ can be defined as an act commited without consent of the recipient.

For some time I have maintained that Theresa May had no intention of negotiating an exit for the United Kingdom from the European Union that would satisfy both Leave and Remain. Subsequent events showed that she had every intention of having the United Kingdom ‘shackled’ to the European Union for an eternity. What she has achieved is something that neither those that voted to leave, nor those that voted to remain, are happy with. On the other hand, as one who appears content to see our nation become a ‘vassel state’ of the European Union, no doubt she is extremely happy.

The agreement that she has arrived at with the European Union can only be considered as a humiliation of a once great nation. From whatever angle you consider this agreement; and whether that is political or economic, it is the sort of ‘agreement’ that a conquered nation might be forced to accept – but then, whilst many attempts have been made to conquer the United Kingdom in recent centuries not one has succeeded; until now. That this ‘conquest’ has been achieved with the assistance of British politicians makes the ‘pill of defeat’ even more bitter to swallow.

There is also another possible objection to the agreement that Theresa May has arrived; and that involves our human rights. If this agreement is ‘accepted’ then why should we become liable to accept the rulings of another entity when we have no recourse, under representative democracy, of affecting the decisions by which we are forced to live?

Another thought on this Brexit problem: as we all know – and I and others have maintained for yonks – the process of Brexit has been handled by politicians who know not that in which they have involved themselves. They have assumed control of a negotiation on a subject about which they know nothing, with an organisation of whose workings and raison d’etre they also know nothing.

I have, to repeat the gist of other articles, maintained almost since I first began blogging, that representative democracy is but a form of democratised dictatorship and Brexit illustrates this completely. Brexit, through representative democracy, demonstrates that yet again we are to have a policy with which the majority do not agree (if recent opinion polls are to be believed) yet is one that is about to be imposed upon us.

Consider: those who are able, under representative democracy, to decide how we are to live, think and act – come a general election – will no doubt get re-elected. Is it not about time that our system of democracy was changed? Is it not time that the ‘servant’/’master’ relationship was ‘cemented’. Has the time not arrived wherein we, the people, must take an interest in that which is imposed on us, especially where Brexit is concerned?

Sir Ivan Rogers spoke about about Brexit being a ‘revolution’. Is it not time that we , the people, began that revolution for the sake of democracy per se?

If that means the army on the streets post Brexit and ‘heads on pikes’, as far as I am concerned, so be it!



4 thoughts on “The rape of a nation

  1. A genuine rquest for help. I have long been passively old school liberal /Hayek thinking but have not been active in politics. Now I think I need to try to “Do My Bit”
    Here I am in a Souht Wales valley town, Labour majority well north of 20,000.

    Should I join Conservatives, UKIP or something else.


  2. “Should I join Conservatives, UKIP or something else”

    I repeat: “Consider: those who are able, under representative democracy, to decide how we are to live, think and act – come a general election – will no doubt get re-elected. Is it not about time that our system of democracy was changed?”

  3. Joining a political party. There was a cheap deal a while back to join Labour and people did just that for the laugh. Also I know people who have joined the Conservatives solely so as to vote for a new Leader. So join a political party if you wish but not much will happen. All parties have over time made sure the members have little effect on what the top tier do.

    1. The emergence of small Parties, such as the Democrats and Veterans, or Anne Marie Waters ‘For Britain’ are but one example of the first stirrings of a new idea of ‘Democracy’ in this once green and pleasant land. I would specifically exclude UKIP from the ranks as that Party has been trashed beyond belief with its many-numbered leaders who emerge and just as quickly disappear, along with the ludicrous inclusion, in its elected members, of Neil Hamilton who sits in the Welsh Assembly: surrounded, no doubt, by piles of brown envelopes. Nigel Farage was the one face and voice which rang all the bells, but once his family were targeted by the scruffy wild-eyed loons of the Left, who could blame him for resigning?

      Looks like its us for the barricades, the torchlight processions, and the truncheons from the Nazi-lite forces of repression!

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