That told them – not………

Following this article on by @RichardAENorth I took the liberty of sending an email to Andrea Leadsom and Rachael Long-Bailey ‘hammering home’ the points he made.

At the outset I made the point that whilst not a constituent of either, they had made a public statement and were thus liable for rebuttal from any member of the electorate and that in view of that I hoped for a response.*

I ended the email with the following words:

“With the utmost courtesy I have to say were you to repeat those statements in the House it might be considered (if only your fellow MPs were aware of ‘matters EU’) you had misled the House, which I believe is a grave matter; yet that pales into insignificance when compared to misleading the public, as you both did on Marr. Also I must point out that it beggars belief that two ‘senior’ politicians know so little about that which they would have us believe they know all.

The inability of politicians to master the basics of ‘matters EU is unforgivable – and may be held by some as to be contemptible. These failures represent a dereliction of duty and, I would aver, are responsible for where we are today in respect of Brexit. But when we see that politicians of all hues have, for nearly 50 years, ‘sat on their hands’ where ‘matters EU’ are concerned, it is understandable that such knowledge is non-existent.

There are many of us, in the electorate, who appear to know far more about ‘matters EU’ than do politicians; yet when we approach our politicians we are ignored or ‘palmed off’ with platitudes – invariably on ‘party lines’ – or, as I experienced when a constituent of David Cameron, being informed that he would entertain no further correspondence or meeting on the subject of ‘matters EU’. The question then arises: wherefore democracy?

To end with regard to that question: When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When your laws don’t protect you against your politicians, but protect your politicians against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a scarcity – You then know your society is doomed.”

*Needless to say I have received the ‘automatic response’ from both stating that if I am not a constituent they are each unable to respond to me. What was that I said? When your laws/rules don’t protect you against your politicians, but protect your politicians against you????

If politicians choose to ‘mouth off’ in public then to hell with ‘rules’, are their statements not accountable? As in most matters, especially Brexit, perhaps there is a lesson for politicians to learn – keep their big mouths shut……?

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  1. David, the Conservative MPs have known Mrs May long enough to know what she’s like. So, they all must have known what was likely to happen when they chose her as PM.

    Therefore, they are all complicit in the charade we’ve been subjected to for the past three years.

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