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HMY Britannia

Currently on television is a programme about HMY Britannia – aka ‘The Queen’s Yacht’.

As this article shows, it was the politicians of ‘the day’ (circa 1997) who made the decision and who subsequently regretted it. Little thought was given, it appears, to the fact that that vessel was the reason for many of the trade deals that were ‘done’ (again, read the aforementioned link).

In this article, John Major is quoted as having said:

During the early Nineties, the monarchy went through a very difficult time,’ Sir John Major explains. ‘Ask yourself this question: in the midst of the recession, with the British people facing economic hardship, how popular would it have been to announce a £50 million spend on a new yacht for the personal use of the Royal Family? How would that have been portrayed by the media?’ In any case, he argues, Britannia, which cost £11 million a year to run, had been designed for a long-gone era of ocean-going royal tours — and air travel had rendered her semi-redundant. ‘Would I, personally, have wished to retain her?’ he wonders out loud. ‘Of course I would. But one has to be pragmatic about such things. read more.....


If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.
Louis D. Brandels

Much was made by the Leave side, during the referendum, which involved the slogan  ‘taking back control’; and John Redwood MP is oft fond of making the point that it is the UK parliament that should decide the laws to which the United Kingdom should adhere. But just what is the origin of law to which we, the people, should pay heed; because in the vast majority of cases the UK parliament is not the originator. read more.....


A few days ago I found this article.

This article, to my mind, is slanted to the common consensus of representative democracy. You just need to read this paragraph:

The second is that elected representatives ought to make those decisions. Those representatives have, it is thereby implied, a greater degree of expertise in doing so. And party politics means that when they are elected those representatives subscribe to a set of policies which will inform how that decision is made. They will not have free rein, once elected to decide how they wish. This is why party discipline, whilst no doubt frustrating for some of the more independent-minded MPs, is a critical component in legitimizing indirect democracy. read more.....

Is PMQ’s passed its sell-by-date?

For some time now Prime Minister’s Questions has brought itself into disrepute, notably by the unknowing asking the unknowing; especially where ‘matters EU’ and ‘Brexit’ are concerned.

It is also known that those Members of Parliament who manage to make the ‘questions list’ are often coerced by their Whips to ask ‘loaded’ questions in order that their leader may ‘big themselves up’ whilst making a joke or two about their opposite number, the Leader of the Opposition. Sometimes the Prime Minister of the day is presented with an ‘open goal’ by a Member of Parliament from the opposition who asks a question with the intention of causing mischief, only to find that the laugh is on his party and him. read more.....

Why we are being led up the garden path……

……..where Brexit is concerned.

  • We are currently governed by 650 ‘know-nothings’ where ‘matters EU’ is concerned;
  • Those 650 ‘know-nothings’ conflate ‘being in the EU’ with ‘not being in the EU’;
  • The electorate were misled by both Remain and Leave, both deliberately for their own ends;
  • The Leave side were led by two of the most incompetent people, namely Matthew Elliot and Dominic Cummings – which begs the question that if they are incompetent, just how incompetent were those that designated them a lead organisation;
  • The current prime minister (who voted remain) appoints two individuals to head the most important offices dealing with Brexit. The first individual  believes he doesn’t need to be clever or know that much to do his job of Brexit Secretary, while the other individual acts like his namesake herding chickens to their slaughter.
  • The media and politicians nullify the voices of those who disagree with what is considered by these two groups as ‘the truth’.

Our politician’s ‘plan for Brexit ‘ is incongruous with reality; do these supposed guardians of our nation’s safety and well-being not read statements by the European Commission?

When  this nation and its inhabitants have been led to ruination, as will surely happen if the current plan is followed, come the next general election the majority of the present incumbents of the House of Commons will be re-elected by a tribal voting electorate; with the latter knowing even less than those they will have elected. The possibility may then be that we have an even dumber government than the one we currently suffer. Now whose fault is that I wonder? read more.....


For 40+ years our politicians have sat on their hands while democracy per se has drained from them – with their obviously willing approval. Last night, in the House of Commons, they ‘suddenly discovered’ that which they realized they had forgotten – but only  because it afforded them an opportunity to gain the ‘media limelight’ in an attempt to show the people of this nation how important they thought they were.

Said importance is an illusion of grandeur in the eyes of those of us that understand the true meaning of democracy because the ‘pretenders’ that sit on the green benches are but charlatans, ones who forget the reason why they have such an elevated position in our society; a position which is but one of their own making – and belief. Not only that, in so doing, they sit on the orifice through which they speak – which is no doubt why that which they say is crap. read more.....

Work Ethic

Being of what may nowadays, bearing in mind ‘PC speak’, be termed ‘one of advanced years’ it seems to me that the younger generation don’t know what ‘hard work’ entails (dons tin hat and stands by for ‘incoming’).

Going back in time, to the late 60’s when I worked as an Overseas Telegraphist (on permanent 12 hour night shifts), with a three hour break (unofficial), a friend and I (there may have been others) used to do a day job to boost our income. read more.....

The reason our nation is in the state it is…….

….is due to the standard of politicians with which we have ‘appointed’.



He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool:

Shun him!

He who knows not, but knows that he knows not, is simple:

Teach him!

He who knows not, but knows not that he knows, is asleep:

Wake him!

He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man:

Follow him!

The problem we have in this nation of ours is:

We have 650 of of the first; we cannot do anything about the second or third (which encapsulate the first) because they refuse to listen to  us; and we have none of the last. read more.....

Cretins (n) – and related matters

The word ‘cretin’,  plural ‘Cretins’; used as a noun, means a person of subnormal intelligence.

While the  term is often applied to our politicians, it must be accepted that to describe our politicians as ‘cretins’ is a misuse of the word as to have achieved the positions in politics that they have, they most definitely are not cretins. To have, as a section of our society, first created – and subsequently honed – a system of democracy within which they are able to set their own rules of behaviour and system of working while maintain that said system of democracy is representative in expressing the views of those they are meant to represent, requires not only forethought but also a degree of guile – which again, logic dictates, means they are not of subnormal intelligence. read more.....