So the Vacuousness continues…..

David Davis delivered a speech at Teesport – one could say an apology for a speech as where vacuousness is concerned this must take first prize.

From Owen Paterson, we get the following tweet:

:  No one arguing to sever trade with Europe, but only clean break from Single Market and Customs Union gives freedom to embrace huge opportunities around the world. Cabinet Ministers who do not support Government policy and manifesto commitments can always resign.

Not forgetting John Redwood MP: The UK needs to strengthen its negotiating position. Instead of asking for a transition period prior to any Agreement the UK should ask the EU do they want a comprehensive free trade Agreement w/ us or not. If no, we should just get on & leave in March 2019 under the WTO option.

To name but three of those who consider themselves ‘enlightened’  and thus knowledgeable about ‘matters Brexit’ and ‘EU’, to whom we are forced to listen – and , unfortunately, elected,

Where Brexit is concerned we, the electorate, are  being led up the proverbial garden path by 650 know-nothings, none of whom are named Maud. At least those pleading to Maud had the hope that, at journeys-end, they might find ‘Utopia’ –  and that we will not find while we are forced to listen these 650!

 When writing as Witterings from Witney I posted fairly extensively on matter ‘EU’ and ‘Brexit’; now I don’t bother as I have ‘staff’ who supply the ‘detail’ (Richard  North at (, so consequently now I just provide comment.

Being in the 80th decade of my presence on this earth I can only hope that the electorate speedily embrace the ideals of direct democracy , a system of democracy whereby by our politicians can readily be held to account and thus controlled thereby ensuring they enact the wishes of those they are supposed to represent.

4 thoughts on “So the Vacuousness continues…..

  1. 80th decade? My my, are you by any chance aspiring to pass Methuselah? At 69 I am approaching the end of my 7th decade and the prospect of having to endure another 73 fills me with horror, so I admire your tenacity and obviously robust health! ?

    Good luck and best wishes, Alec.

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