So ‘Child Snatching’ continues then……..

An article appears in the Guardian, authored by Louise Tickle, entitled: The state has a terrible secret: it kidnaps our children.

Almost 6 years ago another journalist, Christopher Booker, used to cover this topic on an almost weekly basis in his column published by the Sunday Telegraph. As Witterings from Witney, I used to comment on his articles and even took the matter of children being taken into care to my Member of Parliament, David Cameron – see here, here, here and here. Following that visit, on 27th October 2012 Christopher Booker kindly mentioned my efforts in his column.

In her article Louise Tickle writes: I have observed the most extraordinary sense of entitlement and arrogance both in court hearings and in email communications when attempting to investigate and highlight poor and unlawful practice. There is no humility. There is instead a knee-jerk opposition to anyone presuming to want to hold a local authority publicly to account.

That same charge can be levied against our politicians in that they behave in exactly the same manner. Nothing has changed in 6 years, so it would seem, therefore Louise Tickle will no doubt find that our present crop of political non-entities are just as disinterested as those of 6 years ago.

Within the world of politics ‘may’hem seems a daily occurrence, coupled with the fact that the ship of state appears lacking a captain on the bridge; whilst also being ‘rudd’erless. When one looks for a possible ‘captain of the bridge’ from therest of the crew it is hard to find a qualified candidate.

The integrity and workings of children’s care and that of the Family Courts is a disgrace, a matter which has been with us for more than a decade. To understand the web involved in what Tickle terms ‘kidnapping’ and I have called ‘child snatching, watch here part 1 (of many – see side menu) involving an interview with John Hemming who, while an MP, was an authoritative voice (along with Christopher Booker) on the subject of the subject of ‘child snatching’.

The cynic in me says that what we have been allowing is but a ploy to produce the future ‘perfect citizen’ under the tutelage of paid state cooperatives.