Shutting the door after the horse has bolted?

Theresa May pays a visit to Salisbury and for what purpose? Perhaps she hoped, as a result of said visit, to put back the clock to a time before the ‘incident’ occurred? No doubt those she met had been carefully selected in order to provide a ‘good photo opportunity’? So what, exactly, did she hope to accomplish?

When one considers that those who did/are doing a great disservice to our nation have a plethora of ‘minders’ (think Heath, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron – oh, and May, coupled with  Davis, Fox and others) should not one who did a service to our nation not have been provided with at least one ‘minder’? If one had been so provided, why have we not been told? If so, just what was he/she doing at the time the incident took place?

Our political class expend much time, coupled with the gnashing of teeth, on the death of one individual, sad as that is, yet appear to care not about the death (Brexit) of a nation about which whose future they profess to care?

It is said that Nero ‘fiddled’ while Rome burnt – false as that may be  because violins/fiddles had not been invented in AD64; and was no doubt, if the legend is true, playing a lyre. That fact, possibly, is why politicians are nowadays known as ‘lyres’ – but I digress. When considering Theresa May and Brexit one can be forgiven for recalling the poem, Casabianca, by Dorothea Hemans (the boy stood on the burning deck, whence all but he had fled). She cuts a similar lonely figure, only not one so heroic.

I am still of the opinion that May, being a ‘Remainer’, is deliberately being obtuse and thus has a hidden agenda. The problem we have is that we cannot question her actions and beliefs; and those  that can have no understanding of ‘matters EU’. This fact means we have a serious constitutional problem; and by the time we are able to hold her and her government to account the damage will have been done. Notwithstanding that point, another looms on the horizon in that her most likely replacement is another of her ilk, namely one with no understanding of ‘matters EU’.

While the majority of the people of this nation take no interest in how they are governed, it follows there is not much of a future for those of us who are interested to which one can look forward.

One thought on “Shutting the door after the horse has bolted?

  1. ‘Theresa May pays a visit to Salisbury and for what purpose?’

    It’s a tradition, I think it began during WW2 when the royal family would visit towns that had been badly bombed. Naturally it was not long before the politicians decided to have a go at this too. It has become very competitive and I was told that when the West of England was flooded the new PM, Gordon Brown was determined to be first on the scene. And sure enough there he was tie off but wellies on stumping through the muck with the top johnnies from the police and fire brigade, Brown even mentioned climate change. This must have annoyed Prince Charles as this is his role. He turns up at a disaster glowers at it gives his opinion and lo floods recede and things improve.

    Recently we had Corbyn first to Grenfell Tower to do the grandstanding. But not only is this a competitive thing it’s tricky. For Corbyn has been very slow to condemn the vulnerable who have tried to fiddle money on the back of this disaster. As for Salisbury May need not have worried as I doubt Corbyn will show up, his sympathies lie elsewhere. When you consider how busy our parliamentarians are (or should be?) ideally they stay in the office and do useful work on behalf of the nation. Such visits must mess up their schedule so take back control and keep working, 17.4 million people would approve of this!

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