Representative Democracy is dead

If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.
Attributed to Mark Twain

It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.
Attributed to Will Rogers

With the news this morning of the resignation by David Davis and the apparent clamour for the replacement of Theresa May and/or a general election; a few immediate thoughts.

Were there to be a general election it is quite possible that Labour could form the next government; and that party knows no more about ‘matters EU’ and Brexit than do the Tories; and whose arguments for/against Brexit are just as confused as those of the Tories.

Should a general election take place, here in the North East, the vast majority of the electorate would return Labour candidates; yet it should also be remembered that in the North East the electorate voted overwhelmingly for leaving the EU.

It is my contention that in the referendum very few of the electorate knew the ramifications that have arisen as a result of their vote. This can no doubt be blamed on the misleading campaign run by Leave (an extra £350m for the NHS, for example; taking back control of our borders; making our own laws?).

So, in the event of another general election – at the heart of which will no doubt be Brexit – we shall have an electorate who know not the facts voting for politicians who likewise know not the facts.

I think I shall leave those thoughts were they are for readers to mull over.


3 thoughts on “Representative Democracy is dead

  1. There is no need for a General Election required to redress this blatant misuse of power, just an internal Tory party leadership election.

  2. I say that on its own a Tory party leadership election solves very little. The abuse of power involves the civil service too so what to do about that? Also we know that the MPs will elect just ‘another one’, ‘same as before’, a person who will reward them when their time comes. Ideally the public would elect the PM. As for the death of representative democracy I say, and this may sound odd, that suits the HoC just fine. For in time there could be ‘reform’ to sort this out but on the basis of what we know the process would be led by…….the civil service!!!!!!

  3. David there’s only one thing ‘dead’ in modern Britain and its the so called brains of the people, they’re literally brain dead, permanently stuck in a binary two party system which essentially goes in the same direction,in other words a globalist wet dream, and as much as i hate to say it I’m afraid Mr Warry is correct, the people ain’t ready for any sort of radical change!

    so things aren’t gonna gonna get any better, like Blair claimed,
    ‘things can only get better’, they only get better for the globalist elite who write the rules for themselves,what this globalist elite demonstrate is just more myopic and bubble centric Orwellein group think, i say this as I’ve just witnessed the Trump/May so called news Q&A outside some old pile, in Ye Olde England, its all terribly comforting but essentially a show to demonstrate Trumps massive ego, Mays passivity and Western hubris!

    having said that i must be one of the few people who actually likes Trump, he’s ripping up the so called international rules based system and if the UK elite have any sense they should join him, they should leverage the special relationship to total screw the EU over! … but what would that actually achieve?

    …nothing really other than we’re just a vassal to the USA, to me this so called special relationship was always far more restrictive to our national sovereignty than the EU

    it seems strange how so few true patriots ever mentioned it during the referendum when arguments about our sovereignty became one of the central themes of brexit, in fact i think the only mainstream journalist who ever realy takes issue with this is relationship is
    Peter Hitchens!

    brexit always was a total farce, an argument won 40 years to late!, a magnificent act of rejecting 40 years of neo liberal global social engineering, but ultimately a futile act of rejection as we march towards BINO, Brexit In Name Only!

    ….so yes David representative democracy is dead but then it always was, it always was a dead creature created to trap us all into a fraudulent system of control, its essentially a superbly crafted system of mind control and not democracy

    …democracy is dead, long live democracy!

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