Redemption From Consent

The event of Magna Carta was indeed historic; but little noticed it seems, then or since, is how ‘democracy’ and the implementation of same has remained within the remit of a chosen few, currently albeit an elected few. When, centuries ago, one man entered Parliament with an armed force to clear that place of corruption, the power that followed was defined by him. Since then politicians have ensured that the democracy they preach has not been democracy per se but a form of democratised dictatorship, defined by them.  Take some time out of the hustle and bustle of your daily lives and consider: is there not something terribly wrong with our country?

We now witness, practised by politicians, forms of cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. Where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, we now have censors and systems of surveillance, not just by politicians but their sycophants in the form of ‘charities’, non-governmental organisations and the like, coercing our conformity and soliciting our submission. So how did this happen and who is to blame?

If truth were to be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look at yourselves in a mirror. War, terrorism, disease, the effects of immigration and many more matters all intrude on your daily lives, all of which you found no time to consider and thus conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense, because politicians promised you order, promised you peace, promised they would look after you; and all they required,  in return, was your silent, obedient consent.

There is much in the truth that a government, currently, can cause a society to cower under their government and thus said government can therefore be allowed free reign. But do not the ideals of democracy require the necessity of people to be heard and recognized by their government? Bearing in mind the previous statement, is there not a need to overthrow the current system of  democracy and install a new system?

The corruption of government and the political system needs to be ended and the people in a nation should not sit idly by and let their government be in charge, but should work – and devote some of their time to be a part of their government and to have their voice heard. Did not David Cameron state, on the steps of Downing Street in May 2010, that the people are the masters and politicians but their servants?

Our life is just that, our life. It does not belong to anyone else, least of all a government. Should we not have the right to live it as we wish and not live it conforming to the dictat of another?

After centuries of submission. is it not time that we, the people, sought redemption from our consent? Is it not time, in order to be heard, that we adopted a system of direct democracy such as that practised in Switzerland?

Indeed is it not time that those of us who believed in ‘people power’ – aka that the people are the masters – took to the streets and demanded ‘change’. Words are meaningful and powerful; but while the ‘sheeple’ read and listen – and believe the ‘propaganda news’ that is presented to them- might not actions speak louder than words?  Might such a demonstration not jolt  them out of their apathy?

Every day I see on twitter complaints about our government and politicians in general, the apparent lack of law and order, the state of education (or lack of it), the BBC licence fee; and so the list of disaffection with the status quo continues. What follows is yet more compliance and acceptance of the lack of freedoms; followed by a trooping into the voting booths where the cross of every voter on their ballot paper is meaningless.

I have possibly another 20/23 years of life left and I have no wish to see this abomination of democracy, along with the acceptance of societal slavery, continue. The choice of change rests with my fellow man/women and I can but hope that, soon, the penny drops with them.

With acknowledgement to ‘V’.


2 thoughts on “Redemption From Consent

  1. I was bitterly disapointed with the way the Harrogate agenda fizzled out before it even got going. It seemed to be shelved and forgotton. The question now is how to revive it, im sure the current climate is right, more and more complaints about more and more dictates from government. It seems they are running low on bogey men, and terrorist threats, so now we introduce the bogey bug. Sure there is a virus and its bad, but the method of containing it, and the laws enforced in its name, thats just down right scary.
    Never have we needed direct democracy more than we do now.
    So how to revive Harrogate under a different name, and this time run with it rather than let it fizzle out.

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