Plus ca change, plus ca meme-chose

So Lansley, MItchell and Lilley have been stung as have, in the past, Hoon, Cable; and many others.

If only any of these latest three had any knowledge of ‘matters Brexit’ or ‘matters EU – but then perhaps Trading Standards should become involved, because is it not an offence to pass oneself off as an expert on sommat about which you are clueless to the detriment of those who would pay you for your advice?

Perhaps if the aforementioned did their ‘day-job’ properly and without deficit to their constituents, there might not be an outcry by a section of the media which considers itself the ‘Guardian’ of our nation?

Surely the first duty of any Member of Parliament, or Member of the House of Lords, is to care for the well-being of the nation into which they were sufficiently lucky to be born, prior to using their present position to enrich their personal pockets.

Some might say: good luck to them while others may feel like I do and seek recourse, with a view to immediately calling them to account. Unfortunately, under the current system of democratised dictatorship, that option is not available.

As for Lansley ‘playing the cancer card’, words fail me!

Now if we had direct democracy………….