What a waste of time

When one reflects on the events last night in Parliament it is logical to consider the question: what was accomplished?

Amendment i (Caroline Spelman) was carried by 8 votes, but is not binding on the government; so its purpose was what, bearing in mind ‘no deal’ is the legal default position if the Withdrawal Agreement is not accepted.

Amendment n (Graham Brady)  was carried by 16 votes and called for the Backstop to be replaced with ‘alternative arrangements’, but without specifying what the ‘alternative arrangements’ would be. read more.....

Is there anything original (2)

Sadly, today, the death was announced of Michel Legrand who, among music lovers, will be sorely missed.

This news reminded me of an article I wrote in June 2017 which I thought worth another airing.

Without accusing anyone of plagiarism I have to repeat the original suggestion of who ‘nicked’ what from whom; did Schubert ‘nick’ from Mozart or did Legrand ‘nick’ from Mozart or Schubert? Consider, when Liszt ‘transcribed’ the work of Schubert due credit was given to the original composer – not that I imply anything.
read more.....

A Connundrum

Readers will be aware that I am an advocate of FlexCit and direct democracy (including the ideas encapsulated in The Harrogate Agenda.

Unfortunately I am unable to accept the proposal that referendums should be only advisory (paragraph 4: http://harrogateagenda.org.uk/blogview.aspx?blogno=83222).

If we are to adopt the principles of direct democracy then referendums are the only means whereby we, the people, can instruct our government to enact the will of the people; and as such they, if accepted,  must be binding. read more.....

The problem with our nation

During 1962 and 1963 a programme was screened on Saturday evenings by the  BBC entitled That Was The Week That Was (affectionately known as TW3). This programme comprised a satirical/pertinent review of the events among ‘the establishment’ and politicians.

In the same vein I thought it might be worthwhile to revive this idea, especially at the start of what may well be a momentous year for our nation. At the outset I must state that I do this with due acknowledgements to the reputed sayings of Thomas Sowell, P.J. O’Rourke and H.L. Mencken – said statements having been ‘tweaked’ in some instances to make them more UK relevant. read more.....

A cacophany of sound

Having listened to and read the Hansard record of the Brexit debate, all I have heard is that of the title to this article.

It becomes obvious – and will no doubt be made even more obvious during the final two days – that our politicians haven’t a clue about that which they say. The only thing that is obvious is that they enjoy the sound of their own voices.

We have had reference to the fact the referendum in 2016 was ‘advisory’ – no it was not: were we not told by David Cameron that it was our choice, our decision and that there would be no ‘going back’ on that decision? read more.....

Stage 6

Discussing the need that withdrawal from the European Union also affords an opportunity to undertake a series of domestic reforms (FlexCit page 364), states at the outset:

Specifically, this stage confronts the idea that there is little point in recovering
powers from the EU, only to hand them back to the same institutions that gave
them away in the first place. Further, even without EU influence, the UK is an
overly centralised state, so the repatriation of powers from Brussels only for
them to reside in London or one of the other devolved capitals affords fewer
benefits to individual citizens than might be imagined. To a certain extent, the
effect of restoring a degree of “independence” would simply be to swap one
ruling class for another, with very little by way of beneficial effects for ordinary
people. read more.....

My Problem – and that of others

About a month ago I posted a short poem about knowledge:

He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool – shun him;
He who knows not, but knows that he knows not, is simple – teach him;
He who knows, but knows not that he knows, is asleep – wake him;
He who knows and knows that he knows, is a wise man – follow him.

We elect Members of Parliament who would have us believe they are endowed with the wisdom and ability to guide our nation to ‘Utopia’, a state in which all is well in the world and, consequently, those they profess to serve need fear no evil. read more.....

A ‘Posturing Palace’

Having watched Theresa May’s statement  to Parliament today, in regard to Brexit and the agreement of the European Union to our exit from their ‘prison’, I was struck by the fact that Parliament has become a ‘Posturing Palace’.

Watching May’s opening statement , which as usual was ‘commended to the House’, I was struck by how lie followed lie which, in turn, followed lie. Not to be outdone where fantasy was concerned on the part of May, I was also struck, in general,  by the paucity of the questions raised by our politicians. As usual, where pertinent questions were raised (few in number) , they were not answered. One can but suppose that politicians work on the ‘Goebbels Principle’: repeat a lie often enough and it then becomes accepted as truth. read more.....

The rape of a nation

‘Rape’ can be defined as an act commited without consent of the recipient.

For some time I have maintained that Theresa May had no intention of negotiating an exit for the United Kingdom from the European Union that would satisfy both Leave and Remain. Subsequent events showed that she had every intention of having the United Kingdom ‘shackled’ to the European Union for an eternity. What she has achieved is something that neither those that voted to leave, nor those that voted to remain, are happy with. On the other hand, as one who appears content to see our nation become a ‘vassel state’ of the European Union, no doubt she is extremely happy. read more.....

Trust in me – the entrancement by a snake

Well, yesterday was a day to remember – was it not? We had a spectacle of politicians who know nowt about the subject matter spending more than three hours questioning a prime minister who was likewise unknowing and who lied through her back teeth.

We had calls from some politicians stating that as they, the politicians, were unable to solve a problem which they had chosen to  solve and found themselves  unable so to do; they therefore wished to pass the buck back to the electorate. So those that know nowt ask those who also know nowt for an answer to their dilemma. read more.....