The more I look at politicians of any party, the more I fear for my nation whilst we continue to accept representative democracy.

We have a Labour Party that cannot make up its mind what they want where Brexit is concerned, coupled with a Conservative Party  having the same problem.

As I tweeted earlier today, the Conservative Party state the Labour Party are unfit to govern whilst the Labour Party state the Conservative Party are unfit to govern- and both are correct.

At this point I digress. I have long held the view that the only reason Members of Parliament  are required to stand when they wish to speak is because they speak through their rear orifice, because if they didn’t their voices would be muffled and they would end up sitting in their own crap. read more.....

Is this not treason?

According to Wikipedia treason is defined as:

…….the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation or sovereign…….. typically as a slur against political dissidents, or against officials in power who are perceived as failing to act in the best interest of their constituents.

Theresa May has stated that (starts 5:30) the Norway Option would mean:

  • Membership of the Single Market would mean we would still have free movement of people;
  • Still pay vast membership bills.
  • It would also involve membership of the Customs Union.

Let us deal with each assertion in sequence:

  • The EEA agreement (Art 112/113) allows any member of EFTA to imposes a halt, for societal reasons, on immigration; see also here.
  • Norway does not pay ‘vast membership bills’. Norway makes ‘grants‘. For the 2014-2021 period, the funding is €1.3 billion. In 2016, the UK’s gross contribution to the EU amounted to £19 billion. However, this amount of money was never actually transferred to the EU. The ONS reports that the UK government’s net contribution to the EU – that is the difference between the money it paid to the EU and the money it received – was £9.4 billion in 2016. So viz-a-viz Norway/UK, Norway pays vast membership bills???
  • Norway is NOT a member of the Customs Union! Perhaps Theresa May would like to quote ‘chapter and verse’ which shows the opposite?

I have hinted previously that our present government, some of whom voted Remain in the 2016 referendum, have hidden agendas; and thus will do anything to ensure Brexit does not succeed. That Theresa May ‘brooks no discussion’ on Brexit only adds emphasis to the quote from Thomas Sowell that ends this article. read more.....

A gardening/plant question

Can anyone enlighten me as to what this plant is?

Originally it was growing through a hedge and only ever produced a few leaves. I cleared the central part of the hedge to create another bed for plants.

Since then, in a matter of a few weeks it has begun to produce these berries.

One odd aspect is that birds have ceased attempting to ‘decorate’ the back fence and now concentrate on the side fence.

Any suggestions/comments will be more than welcome.

‘Knowing’ what to do……

Can anyone explain why, when someone dies, most of what he (or she – Ed) has saved up over a lifetime should be turned over to politicians, rather than to his (or her – Ed) heirs?
Thomas Sowell

Many stories have emerged in the media detailing how people who have  behaved financially, ie been prudent, have ‘lost’ their ‘assets’ (be that savings or ‘property value’, when they have needed ‘care’ in their final years (ie care homes).

I hold  Power of Attorney for a lady, currently 103 years of age, whose savings were just over the border line whereby she could receive ‘free care’. This lady,  who lost her ‘one and only love’ during World War II and never married,  worked all her life for one employer and by means of ‘due diligence’ accumulated what, to some, would be considered a small fortune. read more.....

Brexit: A ‘EUtopia’ that does not exist.

Recently Theresa May met Emmanuel Macron.

She warned him that Brussels faces a choice of a ‘Chequers deal or no deal’ as they held talks at Fort Bregancon. (source).

If this report is true:

Who gave this woman, with an inflated ego, the right to adopt this decision? Who, amongst those she is supposed to serve, gave her the right to issue such an ultimatum?

Theresa May has conflated ‘leaving the EU’ with ‘leaving the political construct of the EU’ – possibly deliberately, following a disastrous and totally inept  leave campaign – and possibly due to her having wished to remain in the EU. Who gave her the right to so do? read more.....

Crying Wolf/Shutting the door after the horse has bolted/Crying Rivers?

Pete North , has an article on his blog, the sentiments of which cannot be faulted.

To paraphrase two adages, I find it difficult to accept the ‘crying of wolves’ when ‘the horse has bolted’; ie, the first expression coming from one of Aesop’s fables in which a young shepherd keeps repeating that a wolf is threatening his flock so many times that people do not believe him, even when he and his flock are legitimately in danger. Likewise, If you say that someone has closed or shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, you mean that they have tried to prevent something happening but they have done so too late to prevent damage being done. read more.....

Does it matter?

Question: What happens if we lie to our government? What happens if our government lies to us? Does anyone care that our government lies with impunity & prosecutes people who have lied to it? Does our government work for us, or do we work for our government?

Does it matter who does the lying when one side can so do with impunity while the other gets punished, sometimes with imprisonment?

Does it matter that we appear to work for our government, rather than they work for us?

Does it matter when an ex Foreign Secretary makes his ‘Resignation Statement‘ in the House of Commons, one which contains so much inaccuracy yet still receives ‘audible applause’  (hear hear) from those who have no idea of the subject matter? read more.....

Who, exactly, is to blame for the state of our nation? (A republication – with additional comment).

When, six years ago, I felt so disillusioned with the state of our nation I wrote an article on Witterings from Witney. It would appear nothing has changed; so for the benefit of those who missed the original it seems pertinent to repeat that article.

So here it is.

I find it beyond unstimulating to be back in Britain. There is such a very limited spectrum of opinion here. Surrounded by sheep too docile to bleat out of turn, it feels extreme even to suggest there is some better way of living than time-share enslavement. * read more.....

So are the ‘innocent’ corrupted

The devil, they say, finds work for idle hands to do. If you want a concrete example of that just look at politics; an artificial Westworld where nothing is necessarily real and people play out scripted lives over and over again, presumably in the hope that this time it will work out better.

Now and again someone says something that is so fundamental –  and in a few words, rather than many – that one can but wonder why it has not been so succinctly put previously.

Take a look at our political cycle: the right gains power and introduces laws, which we all dutifully accept and thus follow. In time they get ‘thrown out’ and the left gains power, promptly annulling, or ‘honing’ those laws for their own ends. Again in time they, the left, also get thrown out and the right returns to power: and so the cycle of ‘swings and roundabouts’ continues. read more.....

The(?) Brexit White Paper?

I put a question mark after the word ‘The’ as this document is supposed to be the final proposal prior to the October (EU Council) meeting. Having had a quick first read of this document I tweeted:

Having had a quick read of the Brexit White Paper (which seems a tad Brown as it is ‘covered in you know what’, I too remain suitably unimpressed. She won’t even be able to pick the cherry of the cake! Why not just EFTA/EEA?

When this is reviewed by the EU Commission do not be surprised when it is treated like the ‘Beano’  and dismissed with contempt.- perhaps Theresa May is attempting to become Desperate May and eat ‘humble cow pie’? read more.....