My Problem – and that of others

About a month ago I posted a short poem about knowledge:

He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool – shun him;
He who knows not, but knows that he knows not, is simple – teach him;
He who knows, but knows not that he knows, is asleep – wake him;
He who knows and knows that he knows, is a wise man – follow him.

We elect Members of Parliament who would have us believe they are endowed with the wisdom and ability to guide our nation to ‘Utopia’, a state in which all is well in the world and, consequently, those they profess to serve need fear no evil.

Where Brexit and any politician is concerned, my problem is:

1. I know of no-one among them to follow because he/she is wise;
2. I know of 650 who are asleep, but I seem unable to wake one of them;
3. I know of 650 who are simple but know not one who seems willing to be taught;

4. But I do know 650 fools who deserve to be shunned.

Me: Dear Agony Aunt; where democracy is concerned what should I do? Sad in Seaham.
Agony Aunt: Dear Sad in Seaham: Under direct democracy I haven’t a clue.

Thus are we, the people, consigned to a hell on earth because we have, in our ignorance,  elected people who are fools, people who are simple, people who are asleep; and people. amongst whom not one is wise.

For what we are about to receive…………