Just for once Viv is right

Brexiteers promised ¬£350m a week to their citizens. Instead they have to pay billions of Euros…….They promised sovereignty. Instead the government is at the mercy of the DUP……….They promised to take control, instead they are spinning out of control……..I am saddened that the British people have fallen victim to political¬† crooks…….
–¬† Vivienne Reding: EU Parllament

In respect of the last emboldened bit; you and me both, Babe. Mind you what you elect is what you get. But as we did not elect you, or any of your ilk, perhaps we may as well ban elections – as the result seems similar?

The foregoing shows that representative democracy, in whatever form it is presented, ain’t democracy per se (demos: people; kratos: power).

Got the message yet, people?


One thought on “Just for once Viv is right

  1. she could have been honest though and said that British people had been cheated over the whole EEC/common market/European community / EU thing for about the last 45 years, plus god only knows how many billions gone down the tiolet on corruption to prop up these corporate driven fraudsters, its bad enough what we have in Westminster without shelling out for more in Brussels

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