Is there anything original (2)

Sadly, today, the death was announced of Michel Legrand who, among music lovers, will be sorely missed.

This news reminded me of an article I wrote in June 2017 which I thought worth another airing.

Without accusing anyone of plagiarism I have to repeat the original suggestion of who ‘nicked’ what from whom; did Schubert ‘nick’ from Mozart or did Legrand ‘nick’ from Mozart or Schubert? Consider, when Liszt ‘transcribed’ the work of Schubert due credit was given to the original composer – not that I imply anything.

Listening to the tempo of the piece by Mozart and then comparing the tempo of the piece by Schubert with the tempo of the song Windmills of Your Mind, I believe it owes more of its origin to Schubert than Mozart.

It seems there is a thin dividing line twixt ‘transcription’ and ‘arrangement’  – at least to my untrained musical ear; however it does leave room for discussion and debate – while taking our minds of the turgid pot of Brexit.


Addendum: From the Guardian Obituary: …….Michel became obsessed with the music and life of Franz Schubert………

More grist to the mill?