I weep for my nation

We are led by politicians who present themselves as guardians of what was once a respected nation but who are not fit for the job to which they have been elected.

Not only are our politicians unfit for the position they occupy, but we have a media who so obviously appear unable to hold politicians to account on our behalf.

We have a democratic system in the grasp of what amounts to a cabal, one more intent on cementing their dictatorial power; and one which relies on being re-elected by an electorate who fail to understand that for which they vote.

Said cabal have, over decades, conditioned those they supposedly serve to accept that only they can decide our future, consequently those they serve have lost the power of reason and no longer question the decisions imposed on them.

We have an education system which is not fit for purpose whereby, over the last few decades, those who are to be our future leaders are ‘conditioned’ to obey whatever is the latest ‘meme’ – for example climate change.

We are now supposed to accept multiculturalism and can be punished for disagreeing with that idea when history shows that you cannot amalgamate different cultures without disagreement and possible bloodshed.

We are now a nation wherein law enforcement agencies appear only too willing to ‘crack down’ on the indigenous population for disagreement¬† to what they see as unfair/favouritism to said alien influx, yet allow said alien influx ‘free rein’ to air and impose their views – and seemingly achieve them.

It appears we have become a nation wherein apathy is the norm, in that we no longer care about our own future or that of our nation, but appear more interested in the ‘developments’ of Emmerdale and Eastenders.

We have become a nation in which a well-paid ‘industry’ has been created to monitor how we are supposed to think, likewise that which we can be allowed to say.

¬†I could continue, but will not. For myself and possibly for those of my generation, I have no idea how much longer I have left of my life; but at my end my one abiding thought will be: I’m done; and a pox on the nation into which I was born and of which I am now so ashamed.


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    1. JO’L: Not if your a cricket fan, but I still live in hope that my beloved Essex may triumph this year.

  1. The media are businesses unfortunately and have agendas of their own. The only agenda you can guarantee that is in your own interest is, you.

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