For 40+ years our politicians have sat on their hands while democracy per se has drained from them – with their obviously willing approval. Last night, in the House of Commons, they ‘suddenly discovered’ that which they realized they had forgotten – but only  because it afforded them an opportunity to gain the ‘media limelight’ in an attempt to show the people of this nation how important they thought they were.

Said importance is an illusion of grandeur in the eyes of those of us that understand the true meaning of democracy because the ‘pretenders’ that sit on the green benches are but charlatans, ones who forget the reason why they have such an elevated position in our society; a position which is but one of their own making – and belief. Not only that, in so doing, they sit on the orifice through which they speak – which is no doubt why that which they say is crap.

They inhabit an ‘environment’, one overseen by what I can only describe as a ‘popinjay’ (a dandy or foppish person’), whose sole aim, it  appears, is to enhance and further the illusion of ‘wisdom’ and ‘dictatorial rule’, to the detriment of those of our nation for whom they are supposed to speak and serve.

In ‘days of yore’ beacons were lit to warn of invasion. Nowadays it is becoming obvious that the danger lies not without our borders, but within them. Perhaps the time has come whereby said  warning beacons should be rebuilt; only this time a stake should be implanted in the middle of the bonfire and our politicians ‘du jour’ be affixed to each so that they can experience their own ‘fires of hell’ in retribution for their disregard of their duty to themselves and we, the people.

Just  think: we could have a bonfire on consecutive nights for nearly two years- far better than heads on stakes as we would not need to get our hands dirty – or bloody. Whats not to like?

Afterthought: it has been said that those who live by the sword should die by the sword, so lets see how those that do, like it – pour encourages les autres?