The more I look at politicians of any party, the more I fear for my nation whilst we continue to accept representative democracy.

We have a Labour Party that cannot make up its mind what they want where Brexit is concerned, coupled with a Conservative Party  having the same problem.

As I tweeted earlier today, the Conservative Party state the Labour Party are unfit to govern whilst the Labour Party state the Conservative Party are unfit to govern- and both are correct.

At this point I digress. I have long held the view that the only reason Members of Parliament  are required to stand when they wish to speak is because they speak through their rear orifice, because if they didn’t their voices would be muffled and they would end up sitting in their own crap.

For a long time we have been ‘assailed’ with the ‘views’ of think tanks offering alternative versions of Brexit which have been worthless – witness Shanker Singham, now of the IEA, offering the same tune but with different lyrics.

When we ‘tune’ into the news all we hear are the views of the elite – be that of politicians or so-called’experts’ – but I have to ask: where is that other voice, the voice of the people?

Yet again I have to digress. Having spent three years visiting Switzerland, during which time I have frequently been questioned on Brexit and, at which point, I have tried to answer their questions without sounding too ‘doom laden’.

‘Turning the tables’ slightly, I have questioned many Swiss on their views of the fact they experience four referendums per annum. Their response: they get on the internet, they do their research and then make a decision as to how they will vote; having previously read what they consider to be their Government’s fair and impartial resumé  of the pros and cons of the argument.

So where is the ‘voice of the people’? Where is the voice of those experts among the people who have years of experience on ‘matters EU and Brexit’ (try Richard North, Christopher Booker; to name but two?) Politicians and the media are only too aware of who are such people; unfortunately these people are not part of the ‘Westminster Bubble’ and as such are classified as ‘untouchable’.

Is this how democracy per se is supposed to work; that only the ‘state’, with media compliance, can have a voice in a matter of such importance, one which affects the future of our nation?

Where is the voice of the people under representative democracy – and where would it be had we  Direct Democracy? Do the research – and then go figure!

In view of the apathy of we, the people, who appear disinterested in that which is happening to us – perhaps I may be allowed to return to the heading to this short article:

For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly truly thankful.



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  1. It has been well reported that Labour MP Graham Stringer says 16 things listed in the Labour party manifesto would be impossible to bring about as they would be illegal under EU law. How weird is that? Also we are told Corbyn and Abbott are to meet Barnier I wonder if he will tell them, but then again does he know?

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