Er, yes: Cameron was challenged.

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to take issue with a fellow Blogger regarding what may be termed ‘being economical with the actualité’. In this context I refer to this article.

In it the author states, with regard to David Cameron :

This same newspaper was quite content to give David Cameron a platform when, in October 2015, a Downing Street spokesman said that Norway was “the 10th largest contributor to the EU budget and is bound by the rules of the single market without any say in the decision making process”. Both these lies went unchallenged…….If Mr Cameron didn’t know that was a lie, he could easily have found out.

In  August 2015 , as a constituent of David Cameron, I presented him with a dossier (see section 4 in relation to Norway) in respect of which the lies to which the author of the quoted article in paragraph one appears to have forgotten; even though he commented: well done.

The response I received was published in this article , culminating in this final response.

In this latter article I can but repeat my final paragraph: To end on a personal note it is sad that other bloggers, who have a far greater readership than I, have failed (to my knowledge) to write further on this state of affairs — but perhaps I digress unfairly?

Whilst it is acknowledged that on  ‘matters EU’ my ‘output’ may have diminished a tad, my agreement with said author on the need for EFTA/EEA (the Norway Option) has not wavered; so perhaps a little attribution is missing? Are we not all on the same side?

Just asking., Richard…….