Does it matter?

Question: What happens if we lie to our government? What happens if our government lies to us? Does anyone care that our government lies with impunity & prosecutes people who have lied to it? Does our government work for us, or do we work for our government?

Does it matter who does the lying when one side can so do with impunity while the other gets punished, sometimes with imprisonment?

Does it matter that we appear to work for our government, rather than they work for us?

Does it matter when an ex Foreign Secretary makes his ‘Resignation Statement‘ in the House of Commons, one which contains so much inaccuracy yet still receives ‘audible applause’¬† (hear hear) from those who have no idea of the subject matter?

Does it matter when the current Prime Minister, in proposing how this nation can leave the European Union, continues down a route that is unachievable?

Does it matter when Her Majesty’s Official Opposition cannot function as such because they too have no idea, where ‘party line’ or knowledge is concerned, on how this nation can leave the European Union?

Does it matter, when one of our politicians makes a public statement, said politician  refuses to debate with a member of the electorate who is not his/her constituent?

Does it matter when a member of parliament refuses to discuss, further,  a subject with constituent?

Does it matter that that all political parties, at sometime in their evolution, wish to be the party of change, but whilst the change that goes along with the customs and manners and traditions and sentiments of the people then changes to something according to some political/ideaological grand plan. Does it matter that the latter appears to have become more important than the former? (At this point I am thinking: ‘society’).

Does it matter when a politician can state an untruth yet not have it corrected by those, especially a public broadcasting service, who are supposed to know about ‘matters EU’?

Does it matter that the inmates of an asylum (aka the Houses of Commons) can, in opposition to David Cameron’s assertion in 2010, act as a dictatorship? (master and servant?).

For those to whom it does matter – but, more importantly, to those to whom it appears not to matter – it becomes apparent that both factions should take an interest and thus become more vocal; otherwise both will surely regret it to their dying days.

Does it matter? You damn well know it does! Or you should do, otherwise you deserve all that you are going to receive!

Unfortunately, whilst I am a advocate of FlexCit, I rue the fact that the authors of that document did not make Stage 6, Stage 1. With hindsight it is suggested that said authors may well, one day, come to the same conclusion; and by then it will be too damn late (The Horse Has Bolted?).



2 thoughts on “Does it matter?

  1. David, Flexcit and the Harrogate Agenda, so much effort that produced so much good work. And all wasted. All as good as forgotten. It’s a great pity.

  2. Very often in life we are remembered simply for our mistakes and nothing more. So it’s all well and good running a blog which chronicles the mistakes of others and expecting not to be taken to task on the matter of not making Stage 6, Stage 1 in FlexCit. For the Brexit referendum it was deemed essential to have a plan and those who did not agree and especially those people who did not agree with one particular plan got a roasting. So here we are two years on from Brexit and even more from Harrogate No 1 there is a ghost of a plan but nothing more. So yes this is a big mistake.

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