Crying Wolf/Shutting the door after the horse has bolted/Crying Rivers?

Pete North , has an article on his blog, the sentiments of which cannot be faulted.

To paraphrase two adages, I find it difficult to accept the ‘crying of wolves’ when ‘the horse has bolted’; ie, the first expression coming from one of Aesop’s fables in which a young shepherd keeps repeating that a wolf is threatening his flock so many times that people do not believe him, even when he and his flock are legitimately in danger. Likewise, If you say that someone has closed or shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, you mean that they have tried to prevent something happening but they have done so too late to prevent damage being done.

To add yet another adage: ‘cry me a river’, which means  when something is said sarcastically to someone whose whining, complaints, or tears fall on unsympathetic ears; the reason perhaps being the complaint/tears fall on unsympathetic ears is due to the fact the stable door was shut too early.

Basically the complaint of North Jnr is that we have no real control over those we elect and their subsequent actions/decisions. Yet three years prior to the referendum of 2016 it was realized that there was something drastically wrong with our system of democracy; hence the birth of this movement.

So questions:

  • Why was the stable door not bolted, or at least the bolt not have been in the process of closing?
  • Why was the means whereby the preceding point could have begun – but abandoned?
  • Why was the means whereby the bolt could have become closing negated by not making Stage 6 of Stage 1?
  • By what right was The Harrogate Agenda relegated to Stage 6?
  • Where was the voice of those who believed in The Harrogate Agenda, which was supposed to be a ‘peoples movement, when the decision was taken to relegate it to an ‘afterthought’?
  • Why was The  Harrogate Agenda not run in tandem with exiting the EU; bearing in mind page 378 of FlexCit: Therein lies the relevance of what we call The Harrogate Agenda. We see little value in withdrawing from the EU if it only means returning reclaimed powers to the political elites who held them previously. This just perpetuates systems which are no more democratic than the EU. Whether our government is in Whitehall or Brussels.

What we have is North Jnr ‘crying rivers’, whilst also ‘crying wolf’, because ‘the horse has bolted’.

Go talk to Daddy, Pete? Just asking……….


2 thoughts on “Crying Wolf/Shutting the door after the horse has bolted/Crying Rivers?

  1. ….well actually North jnr should be addressing his concerns to the director of the THA, a certain Mr N Warry!!!

  2. A quote from the link –
    ‘But it wouldn’t even matter if that system was working. From the beginning I’ve been told that more would listen to me if only I were not so abrasive. But there are plenty of others in the game who have behave in an exemplary fashion who find themselves equally excluded and unable to influence proceedings’.

    Team EUReferendum has a certain house style, they like to tell it as it is, or perhaps tell it as they think it is the justification being it gets them attention. Also part of the routine is name calling so for example Boris Johnson is very often an oaf and most of the big names in public life get this treatment, it’s so predictable it has become tedious. In the quote above we see a bit of a grump, unable to influence etc. Well from what I see good manners do bring rewards in that Jacob Rees-Mogg is seldom out of the limelight. Boris Johnson is also always being featured in the media. There is of course no right to be given media space it is a subtle process and some people are better than others. I would even suggest had the THA idea got into the hands of Johnson and Rees-Mogg it would either be much further forward or dead in the water. Even if the latter had happened we would at least have had a chance and could move on to the next idea. And as for a system ‘not working’ which one would that be?

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