Coincidence, or who copied whom?

Yesterday, whilst sitting in the garden, I was browsing Spotify for some relaxing orchestral music with a view to making a playlist of this genre. I came across a track by Anthony Ventura and his Orchestra, a tune called Dolannes Melodie released during 1976 (source)

By way of explanation, Dolannes Melodie was composed by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussant for a French film called Un linceul n’a pas de poches (No Pockets in a Shroud) released in 1974 and was made popular by Jean-Claude Borelly in 1975.

The piano riff haunted me because, as stated, I knew I had heard it elsewhere. Anyway, 24 hours later I had a proverbial ‘light bulb’ moment. Compare the foregoing recording with Summer (The First Time) by  Bobby Goldsboro which was released in 1973 (source).

It may well be that this particular piano riff is well known amongst musicians which, I would hasten to add, I am not. Finally the title of this short article holds no inference whatsoever; especially where the last four words are concerned.