Brexit: A ‘EUtopia’ that does not exist.

Recently Theresa May met Emmanuel Macron.

She warned him that Brussels faces a choice of a ‘Chequers deal or no deal’ as they held talks at Fort Bregancon. (source).

If this report is true:

Who gave this woman, with an inflated ego, the right to adopt this decision? Who, amongst those she is supposed to serve, gave her the right to issue such an ultimatum?

Theresa May has conflated ‘leaving the EU’ with ‘leaving the political construct of the EU’ – possibly deliberately, following a disastrous and totally inept  leave campaign – and possibly due to her having wished to remain in the EU. Who gave her the right to so do?

Aided and abetted by those who have not been elected – but appointed by her – she has pursued a course of negotiation  that has no chance of success. Who gave her the right to appoint ‘advisors’, paid from the public purse, without recourse to those who foot the bill for said ‘advisors’?

Our Prime Minister – in common with most politicians and those of the political commentariat – has, where Brexit is concerned, a vision of ‘EUtopia’ which is unacceptable, unachievable/unworkable and thus unbelievable. They are the Unknowing living in their own Fantasy Bubble.

One can rightly assume, at least in my opinion, that having had a disastrous and inept leave campaign it is only natural that we should subsequently have a disastrous and inept government.

When I lived in Witney my Member of Parliament, David Cameron, was also Prime Minister, so that afforded me the opportunity to talk to him on many occasions and argue an alternative policy where membership of the European Union was concerned.. This I cannot do with Theresa May and therein lies one of the greatest drawbacks of representative democracy, in that Theresa May is the prime Minister of every member of the electorate yet they, unless they are a constituent of hers, are unable  to confront her ‘face to face’.

Where the relationship twixt we – the electorate – and our politicians together with those in the ‘Westminster Bubble’ is concerned with regard to Brexit, I am reminded of a reported quote by Thomas Sowell:

One of the most pathetic—and dangerous—signs of our times is the growing number of individuals and groups who believe that no one can possibly disagree with them for any honest reason.