Blessed are the Innocent – not!

Stepping beyond your competence can be like stepping off a cliff. Too many people with brilliance and talent within some field do not realize how ignorant — or, worse yet, misinformed — they are when talking like philosopher-kings about other things.

Thomas Sowell

Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule—and both commonly succeed, and are right.

H.L. Mencken

As I have written previously, I find our political class unfit for office in that they may have made a name for themselves in whatever field they worked, prior to becoming a politician, but once having become one they exhibit a total lack of knowledge about national and world affairs. When considering their track record having entered the world of politics it is felt that Thomas Sowell was being a tad kind when he labels them ignorant, or worse yet, misinformed.

Where our democracy in this country is concerned, in respect of H.L. Mencken’s statement, one only has to tune in to Prime Ministers Questions – or any debate in the HoC – to realize that he is completely correct.

The author of this article believes:

Although it is a constant theme of this blog, the inadequacies of our political and media classes cannot be overstated. They go to the heart of our democracy and impact on the legitimacy of the entire political process. If our politicians simply don’t know what they are doing, and the media are incapable of explaining what is happening with any deal of coherence, then the fundamental building blocks of our society are missing. It really is that bad, and therefore warrants our constant attention

Here I must immediately disagree with that eminent author in that the fundamental building blocks of our democracy are not politicians who do or do not know what they are doing; neither are they a media who are capable or incapable of explaining, with or without any deal of coherence, the facts.  The fundamental building blocks of any democracy are the people.

Currently, the people care not about ‘politics’ and thus appear disinterested in the effect by which the present state of democracy allows those who have stepped beyond their competence to change the lives of the people – which is hardly surprising when for decades the people have been conditioned to accept that the State will be their mentor, their guardian;  and will do their thinking for them.

It is all very well for some to blame the problems our nation faces, where Brexit is concerned, on politicians who are so obviously out of their depth, or on a media to lazy to do the job they should; but I am forced to ask what is the point in treading a well-worn path which can bring Jno change, especially when those complaining hold the key to a different path – one that would bring enlightenment to the blind – and keep the gate to that different path well and truly closed.

I fail to see the sense in a strategy of ‘preaching’ about the benefits of EFTA/EEA to less than one percent of the population when it would have been possible, with the right strategy, of preaching to one hundred percent of the population. The aforementioned author quite often writes about circumstances in which, post Brexit, this nation may well become a’third country’. There are some of us who feel, where the aforementioned author is concerned, that we have become a ‘third person’.

Just over two millennia ago three men (supposedly wise) followed the ‘North Path’, following which over the course of said millennium they attracted millions of adherents – and look where that got them.

One thought on “Blessed are the Innocent – not!

  1. ‘I fail to see the sense in a strategy of ‘preaching’.

    Yes and ideally, as any salesman will tell you, people have to think they have bought something rather it was sold to them only then will they value it. So to get voters to buy into a political idea it must appear attractive. But then again it must appear! An idea has to be placed in front of the public, correctly presented. As we have seen some political ideas have a natural time span and right now UKIP looks to have run its course. But faults and all it did exist and did serve a purpose although it should have quit the day after the referendum.

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