Are all our MPs ‘Burkes’?

The question is asked in view of a statement attributed to Edmund Burke, namely:
Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion. Another quote attributed to Edmund Burke is: By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation.

In answer to the first statement attributed to Edmund Burke perhaps they are not ‘Burkes’ in that they have not,  where Brexit is concerned, applied their ‘industry’ to the greatest advantage where our country is concerned; and their judgement cannot be considered as such because they haven’t a clue about the subject matter with which they are dealing.

On the other hand a large number of MPs (for example Cooper, Boles and Grieve) appear to be extending a great deal of their ‘industry’ being ‘Burkes’ in that they are ignoring the opinions of their constituents. Paraphrasing Burke it could also be said that, collectively, 650 rats gnawing at Brexit will surely drown our nation.

It has been noted elsewhere – and on this blog – that the House of Commons behaves in a similar fashion  to an unruly kindergarten class when in the presence of an ineffective and weak teacher. It has ‘come to a pretty pass’ when the Mother of Parliaments is regarded with ridicule. Courtesy of Richard North ( we are able to read comments from other nations, such as:

Ireland: … the parliament of Oliver Cromwell reduced to Benny Hill….

Netherlands: …On one level it’s entertaining, great spectacle. A pantomime you can’t stop watching. As you know, we love British comedy. Except this isn’t Monty Python, it’s your politicians…

Spain: …Spaniards, who have long viewed British politics as an ancient beacon of democracy and informed debate, are struggling to reconcile their ideal with the realities of recent days, weeks and months…I think most people see it as chaos – and that’s very strange in a country whose people have such a strong reputation for being disciplined and well-organised…

France: …There is little gloating, much genuine concern, and massive incomprehension….Did electors really vote Brexit to allow the haughty aristocrat Jacob Rees-Mogg or the demagogue Boris Johnson to challenge Theresa May … or for Jeremy Corbyn to get into Downing Street without saying what he will do about Brexit?…

Czech Republic: …The infantilisation of politics, to say ‘if it’s not my way, it won’t be any other way’, reminds me of Czech politics…We ascribe it to the fact that Czech democracy is so young, and recovering from communism. To see an established democracy like Britain descending into this chaos and irrationality is really disheartening. It’s a very comprehensive defeat for British politics…

Germany: …the overwhelming emotions were sadness and disappointment. A diplomat likens his melancholy to that of being dumped by a girlfriend. “I still have her jumper and I go round wearing it, hoping her scent will linger,” he says. He clings to the positive aspects of a Britain he cherished – from punk music to humour – and almost breaks into song: “They can’t take that away from me.”…

Poland: …Resentment eased during the cold war thanks to Britain’s role as a key adversary of communist Poland’s Soviet overlords, and the emergence – incongruously, for many – of Margaret Thatcher as a heroine of the Polish proletariat…

To read such comments from nations which are indebted to my nation – for one reason or another – fills me with sadness; and just makes the anger which I feel towards our politicians that much greater; and, in that emotion, I know I am not alone. Of all the comments from the nations of Europe, the one that really hurts is that from Ireland; second comes that from the Netherlands; – consequently, our current crop of politicians should hang their heads in shame.

When we consider how our nation is governed and the system of democracy we currently endure, one can but think ‘there is a better way‘; so why do we, the people, not adopt it? It sure as hell would have negated the mess in which we now find ourselves. To be at the behest of a Prime Minister, who to quote the comment from the Czech Republic, maintains that ‘it is my way or no way’, begs the question: wherefore democracy?

Have we not become a nation of sheep led by collie dogs who have lost their sense of purpose?




2 thoughts on “Are all our MPs ‘Burkes’?

  1. David, i really don’t think we need any lectures from any of the countries listed,shall we have a look at some of them?

    Czech Republic is basically run by, and for the benefit of its oligarch Prime Minister, who leverages maximum power out of the neoliberal structure of the EU Single Market to make himself richer and more powerful

    Poland’s taking the “PiS”, it’s got a far right nationalist government determined to destroy European security by provoking the Russians, it’s also incurred the displeasure of the EU who’ve threatened it with Article 7 sanctions!

    Spain recently violently thrashed it’s own voter’s for having the audacity to hold an referendum, so its basically reverting to its old fascist ways, no sanctions from the EU though this time who basically supported this violence, what an utter double standard! and yet Spain along with these other member states will openly criticise other countries for a good deal less

    France is basically tearing itself apart, its tin pot Napoleon boy king, Macron, won’t listern, because all he can see is a glorious neoliberal future for his country
    his police force have used tremendous violence to shoot the hands off, and eye’s out of the yellow vest protesters, who don’t share this rich upstars vision, he then has the audacity to encourage the people of Venezuela to overthrow its government! you couldn’t make it up could you?

    Holland, who had their own referendum over the EU Constitution, which they rejected by a large majority, not that it made much difference, who were ignored, along with the French and Irish, don’t have much to laugh about if they think brexit is some form of comedy, as the jokes on them, as I’ll explain bellow

    what we actually see is the rejection of all democratic processes in the EU, in fact it was the rejection of the EU constitution, rejected by the Dutch, French and Irish which would lead to a new treaty, signed in Lisbon which was basically the same EU constitution made totally incompressible so the above countries would never again have the ability to hold referendums on EU treaties, so complex and opaque was this treaty, that most people would simply think it was the usual EU inconsequential over complex drivel

    we know it was made this way, by a group of so called ‘wise men’ which incidentally had a certain Mr Michel Barnier no less, because the leader of said group is on record stating such, the reason was so no more pesky referendums would ever be held over all things EU, but I’ve no doubt our daft Dutch friends think thats also hilarious, maybe they’ve just had to much dope and no longer care?

    so off they all went, down to Lisbon and signed this treaty, a total exercise in anti democratic technocratic fraud

    there was one adition though in the Lisbon Treaty, Article 50, which for the first time gave a member state the right to officially leave the Union

    so these so called ‘wise men’ created this mess, by creating Artcle 50, which none of them honestly thought would ever, ever be used, it was just a bit of window dressing to give a democratic spin on this ghastly treaty and the equally ghastly people behind it, incidentally the ‘wise men’ were officially called the Action Committee for European Democracy, or some such Orwellian double speak title, again you couldn’t make it up could you, the reaction to every referendum in Europe has resulted in the same outrage by these pro democracy folks, its simple they hate democracy!

    so one could claim it was the rejection of the EU constitution by the Dutch, French and Irish which led to a period of European ‘reflection’ by the ‘wise men’ which led to the ‘new’ treaty, which we also know was just a lash up of the original, we know this because a former French president said so, which led to Lisbon, the creation of Article 50 and thus the ability for brexit to happen, so all the fault of slithering europhiles who’s whole intention was to undermine democracy, so I’m afraid the above have to take ownership of this farce….no chance there though, they’re to arrogant and bombastic to ever admit their own snivelling dishonest back room behaviour

    ….so David, no we really don’t need any lectures from these people, oh, and i didn’t even mention the Germans who now ‘run’ Europe, of course they hide themselves well behind that daft blue flag with its silly little stars, so what they couldn’t achieve through wars of aggression they’ve now achieved through stealth, and frankly no amount of girlfriend’s jumpers and punk rock can hide that rather unpalatable fact!

    …..rant over!

    P.S. David as i write this we have our own snivelling slugs wanting to destroy brexit, they’re currently on TV , this break away bunch of pro democracy wannabes are actually saying the parties they’ve been in are trying to ‘ crush’ democracy. …wow I’m lost for words

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