A rhetorical question?

Sky News has just announced that a UK ticket holder has just nabbed the £121.3m EuroMillions jackpot. But what can they buy with the money; to which I replied: A one-way plane ticket out of what has become a sh*thole of a country?

Dirk Bogarde, interviewed in 1981, on why he had moved to France, replied that England was no longer the country which he ‘knew’, that when he did return he felt himself an ‘alien.’

How many of us, depending on our year of birth, feel exactly the same? How many of us feel, likewise, aliens in our own country?

More importantly, how many of us ‘stood by’ – and kept ‘silent’ – while 650 of a political elite changed our country without our specific agreement? Over centuries we  have stood firm against foreign countries and their rulers who wished to change our  way of life, most recently during the 1940s; yet since then have allowed those within to accomplish just that, without ‘firing a shot in defiance’.

This ‘acquiescence’ has continued to/by those who believe they know better than us, who believe our country is theirs and not ‘ours’, who believe that they have the ‘right’, through the position they have ‘inherited’/’enveigled‘, to change our society/values/traditions, in the name of progress/multiculturalism.

In the same context it continues today with Brexit, in that they, our ‘political elite’ so continue by obfuscation and deceit for their own ends. Oh, for sure, we continue to elect these ‘democratised dictators’;  but for how much longer will we continue so to do, before the proverbial ‘penny drops’? When will the  people of this country realise that the word democracy stems from the Greek: Demos: people, Kratos: power, ie: people power and realise that rather than be the servants of a select few, that the ‘few’ are but the servants of the people?

Switzerland realiased this basic fact of democracy many centuries ago with the introduction of direct democracy, whereby they gained control of their politicians. How many more centuries must pass before we in the United Kingdom do likewise?

Tony Blair, for poliIical purposes and to garner votes, introduced an ill-thought-through  ‘devolution’ for Scotland and Wales; and look at ‘the mess’ that has brought us. If Switzerland can manage to have 26 ‘self-governing’ regions, surely it is not beyond the wit of the UK to manage just four?

In conclusion, where I lucky enough to come by the financial means I too would vacate a country that has ‘lost its way’ through the apathy of its people – but not before placing a ‘time-bomb’ amongst my remaining fellow men.

5 thoughts on “A rhetorical question?

  1. Yes, but where to?
    Europe seems out, unless you fancy Hungary or Poland; The big cities in Australia seem to be going the same was as this country, Canada doesn’t seem much better. Possibly USA as there is so much choice, but if the Democrats take over, it’s likely to go the same way. That just leaves New Zealand amongst the great English speaking countries!

    1. Switzerland of course! Why does it have to be somewhere where English is the native language? Most of them speak English although it helps to know some basic German, French or Italian depending on which part of the country in which you settle – hence the area I like is German speaking – which I am l learning.

      Plus, when the time comes, there is Digitas………

  2. Dirk Bogarde 1981, I toured France in 1985 and found Marseille well on its way to being ‘alien’, in fact a lot more so than London. The general drift downwards of all of Europe began a lot earlier than many commentators of today think was the case.

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