A ‘Posturing Palace’

Having watched Theresa May’s statement¬† to Parliament today, in regard to Brexit and the agreement of the European Union to our exit from their ‘prison’, I was struck by the fact that Parliament has become a ‘Posturing Palace’.

Watching May’s opening statement , which as usual was ‘commended to the House’, I was struck by how lie followed lie which, in turn, followed lie. Not to be outdone where fantasy was concerned on the part of May, I was also struck, in general,¬† by the paucity of the questions raised by our politicians. As usual, where pertinent questions were raised (few in number) , they were not answered. One can but suppose that politicians work on the ‘Goebbels Principle’: repeat a lie often enough and it then becomes accepted as truth.

Recently I saw the following on twitter:

Child: Daddy, do all fairy stories begin with: “Once upon a time………” – Father: No, for decades some fairy stories have begun with: “If elected, I promise……….”

Within that piece of humour lies the root cause of what is wrong with our democracy. On that point I was recently asked a question in the comments on my blog from one who said he sought help. The question raised was that living in a Welsh constituency with a Labour 20k+ majority, how could he make his voice heard; and should he vote Conservative or Ukip.

That such a question should be raised (and I mean no disrespect to the questioner) shows how little the electorate know about democracy per se, its origin; and how representative democracy is but a form of democratised dictatorship.

Our nation has reached a nadir in that if the electorate cannot get off their arses to research what they are told as ‘fact’ and are thus content to sit in their armchairs believing what they are told on their ‘Propaganda Boxes’ then indeed we are in a sorry state. Such should remember that knowledge is power and through the knowledge gained by research of the facts, that knowledge liberates them from the propaganda of those who wish for their subservience. The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. I repeat information and knowledge is power and it is about time the electorate decided to exercise such. Direct Democracy?

That politicians believe they can vote down May’s deal and substitute that with ‘Plan B’ – whatever that is – and accomplish all that within four months beggars belief. Where the electorate are concerned, one can but hope that, one day, those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization. Unfortunately it would seem that by the time that happens we will all be serfs.

Until then one can only be resigned to the realisation that this, what was once a great nation, will allow itself to be led by ‘Judas Goats‘ to its doom?

Just saying………..

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