A fair wage for a fair days work – not for Redwood MP, et others!

I noticed the following today on Twitter:

Yesterday I mentioned, as a result of a quote attributed to Thomas Sowell, that our political class are unfit for office in that they may have made a name for themselves in whatever field they worked, prior to becoming a politician, but once having become one they exhibit a total lack of knowledge about national and world affairs.

Both Leave and Remain campaigns made such outrageous and ridiculous statements during the Referendum period that I quickly lost interest in said statements. If Redwood believed, as it seems did most MPs, that leaving the European Union meant leaving the Single Market and Customs Union then on the same basis presumably had either campaign suggested that leaving the European Union meant MPs should stick their heads in a gas oven, Redwood and others would have complied? If only MPs were so willing to comply with the requests of their electorate – but I digress.

Members of Parliament employ, at our expense researchers; so the question has to be asked what have said researchers been doing and for what are we paying them? Has Redwood, or shis researchers not thought: hang on, Norway is a member of EFTA, not the European Union, yet retains access to the singe market – so how has this come about?

Mind you, the phenomena of MPs accepting it seems, without question,  the views of those self-proclaimed experts who know nothing on the subject they considers themselves experts is legion – just go look at Parliament tv (or read the Hansard reports) of proceedings about various Select Committee hearings on matters Brexit. Such can be summed up as the unknowing asking questions of the unknowing – and then accepting the responses they are given as ‘Gospel’.

In view of the foregoing is it any wonder this nation of ours, of which indigenous legions of said nation would lay down their lives (and have) in its defense, has reached a point whereupon it is now dependent on the decisions of the unknowing which are based on the views of the unknowing – both of whom would be as far from the ‘battle front’ as possible?

When the foregoing has become the ‘norm’ then surely any nation can put its head between its knees – and kiss its arse farewell, which I believe we are in the process of doing.

Just saying………………………..

One thought on “A fair wage for a fair days work – not for Redwood MP, et others!

  1. Yes it’s true MPs employ, at our expense researchers, but we must also mention the civil service. I’m not altogether sure that these public servants are better informed than either the MPs or their staff. I’ve got a feeling that many of them are not so much ignorant but content to be ill-informed. But then again and perhaps in their defence real answers to questions are few and far between. In which case no wonder the public, the voters and tax payers, are fed up with opinions. And when you look at it there is little else on offer!

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