A cacophany of sound

Having listened to and read the Hansard record of the Brexit debate, all I have heard is that of the title to this article.

It becomes obvious – and will no doubt be made even more obvious during the final two days – that our politicians haven’t a clue about that which they say. The only thing that is obvious is that they enjoy the sound of their own voices.

We have had reference to the fact the referendum in 2016 was ‘advisory’ – no it was not: were we not told by David Cameron that it was our choice, our decision and that there would be no ‘going back’ on that decision?

There have also been calls for a second referendum, along with moves to promote another choice, were the Withdrawal Agreement to be voted down, for annulling Article 50. Were the latter to happen it would, in my opinion, raise another question: namely wherefore democracy?

Politicians are exhibiting their oft held belief that they are the masters and that we, the people, are their servants – whereas in truth the reverse should be the norm. Consequently we see, on social media, cries of dissent  that politicians must deliver that which the people demand. That such demands are made within our current system of representative democracy – which regular readers will know I have classified as no more than a system of democratised dictatorship – is totally pointless, it will not happen while we have politicians who know nowt about the subject matter of Brexit and who are beholden to their party for their position as Members of Parliament.

At the next general election, which may well be sooner thn anyone thinks, a question to those that vote for the two main parties: for which party will you caste your vote? I ask the question because it is apparent May has gone out of her way to keep this nation tied to the European Union (thus fulfilling her Remain wishes), whilst Corbyn wishes to tie us into a Customs Union whilst at the same time having no idea what is a customs union.

Much has been heard during the parliamentary debate about reclaiming parliamentary sovereignty. It is about time that people realised it is their sovereignty and not that of 650 so called politicians.

I find it totally frustrating – and puzzling – that the electorate continue to believe they can make a difference in a system of democracy that is skewed against them. I also find it totally frustrating – and puzzling – that they seem unable to get off their arses and research whether there is another system of democracy wherein their voice really does count. I find it frustrating – and totally puzzling – that in this day and age, where information is so readily available, that they have not heard how Switzerland’s political system works.

That were Article 50 and  thus Brexit to be revoked, it is my opinion that the events in1981 (Brixton) and in France over the fuel duty, would be surpassed ten fold.Richard North foretold of this in a recent article, at which point he received much condemnation for that suggestion; which shows how much people forget – and in such a short period of time.

While people may take offence at what I have written, as they did to the linked article, I can but say: the truth always hurts, does it not?

2 thoughts on “A cacophany of sound

  1. ‘Politicians are exhibiting their oft held belief that they are the masters’.

    In some ways it would be better if they were the masters. Two recently resigned cabinet ministers, Esther McVey and Suella Braverman have both made claims about the behaviour of the civil service. The former has said that senior civil servant and Cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill shouted her down during a Cabinet meeting. While the latter claims there are problems with accountability,

    ‘civil servants would routinely return from Brussels with the fruits of their endeavours, often having strayed beyond Cabinet mandates or setting policy decisions in legally binding text before Ministers had even discussed them’.

    But perhaps it has always been like this, we have to wonder if all those years ago when Edward Heath was PM and trying to tell us that ‘Europe’, or the EEC as it was then known, was just a thing to do with trade the civil service of the day were onside with this ruse. Or did Heath do it all on his own?

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